Tournament level play on pad?

how do programming pads work

is it like a buffered set of moves u program into ur pad, someone could just super jump over u and get a free hit

i love wave dashing with sent, he is almost as fast a storm.

so how do u mash outta dpad??

i use to whore ps2 marvel.

ps2 controller > all.

the only thing i had problems with was mashing out of HG and sometimes storms LA.

of course ps2 pad is way different than anything else and has mapped buttons, but my offense was probably increased at an exponential rate. re-fly, fast fly, slide infinite, tj infinite, sjc were all too easy.

i think sjc is easy on any pad once u get use to it!! i mean damn i sucked on ps2 pad cuz i hate those buttons i couldnt slide on them for shit!! :lol: but with Dpad i can doo all that stuff reflys, fast flys, ROM with mag, tj inf with storm, and sjc’s!! i love dpad!!:woot: hahaah

I’ve been playing pad all my life, I don’t play marvel on a pro level yet, but I just got into it about two months ago or less, (I’ve always just played casuals.) One thing I’ve learned is that to play games on tourney level, you gotta reconfigure your buttons for thumb friendly execution. My execution is very good and at the moment (I can ROM and Tri Jump with no problem at all.) Right now I’m simply learning how to play the game on a tourney level, IE: controlling space, team chemistry, counter picks and whatnot…

I’ve switched my buttons to:
assists stay the same.

It helps alot like this and the only reason I have fp across from lk is so I can lightning attack with minimal repositioning.

Hopefully I’ll be a good enough player for other pad users to look up to. Wish me luck!

Just making sure everyone knows I acknowledge the fact that there are already pros that beast on pad. I just want to be one of them one day. Lots and lots of failures in my future before any triumphs…

When I use a pad, I use the default setting. I place my index finger over the lp, my thumb over the lk, the middle finger over the hp, my ring finger either over the assist button or the hk button. It’s the same setup I used to use to play Tekken.

I execute better on pads BTW… Sticks are better though.

I don’t think I play at a pro level. I just play.

PAD IS CAKE!!! i can execute wayyy better on pad!! fuck spending money on sticks!! :rofl: lmao

I haven’t played on sticks since I lived in VA, and that was when arcades were actually semi-popular. Now, all I know is pad.

I tried to buy some sticks for my Dreamcast, but I can’t find any, or at least any cheap ones.

ive seen one of them mas sticks i BELIEVE im not sure !! but i believe it is a MAS stick!! and its got 6 buttons(not including the start and select buttons) instead of 8(NOT including the start and select/analog button) and it goes for like $110!! i believe its like 20 or 30 bucks cheaper then a regular mas stick that has 8 buttons(NOT including the start and select/analog button)! but fuck spending money on sticks!! :rofl:

so for the pad the DC one is better or the ps2? i’d prefer a stick, also i never played the ps2 pad only the dc one.

Since MvC2 has only four buttons for main functions rather than the normal six, I think the DC controller is better. Also take into consideration that Naomi ports (MvC2, CvS2) are far better on the DC than the PS2 (and are cheaper) and there’s simply no comparison. In fact, I take the normal DC controller over my six-button mad catz for MvC2 and switch back for Third Strike and CvS2.

I can’t play fighting games on a stick. I don’t play Marvel (just browse the boards a little), but I can do all my shit in all my games 100% ona PS2 controller.

raises fist for all pad peeps

^lol. I have a strong dislike for the default DC pad when it comes to Marvel. The buttons are too easily manipulated, and the pad itself has a lack of decent grip. I’ve been playing Marvel mostly on xbox as of late and will state that the xbox controller pwns the DC controller 10x over. Grip, button spacing…the only thing that it doesn’t do as well with are the assist buttons. You can’t just tap the assist triggers; you have to fully press them in. Other than that…yeah.

When I do play marvel on DC, it’s only on stick (as of late). A good friend of mine let me hold on to his DC joystick that is mostly sub-par (sticks to the right at times, and odd button mapping), but still beats the DC pad.

I have a sort of built-in time limit when it comes to most pads. My hands get warm very quickly and after a bit of play, I lose grip with those that aren’t built specifically for grip and/or air ventilation.

for me its not so much the grip as it as if I play for really long times, my hands start to hurt in the joints

buts its no biggie, that only ever happens when I’m trying to learn training mode stuff and its one of the harder combos/mixups I have to put time into

man, I could never get the XBoxs D-Pad to work out for me, there’s something weird about it where all my QCFs = SUPER JUMP, I couldn’t play Hyper Fighting on the 360 worth a damn on that

Judge, to say that you prefer the Xbox controller is a wonder to me; even though it resembles the DC controller in so many ways, I can never get it to work as far as fighters go. For SVC Chaos, for instance, I have to be extremely precise to make attacks come out. I…just can’t stand that thing. Are you using the original Xbox controller,or the type-S version?

i agreEE!! the DC controller could be the best if only it had grip!! it lacks grip which sucks!!!

Type S. The original? No way. That’s Juggernaut’s controller.