Tournament Management Software



What is the best tournament management software?

Iv had some ups-and-downs with ALJ’s tournament maker, and there for looking if there is a better alternative now or any equally good alternative.

The problem with ALJ is that it randomly crashes (some versions more then others). and that the interface is a bit stiff/uncustomizable for my liking.

I dont really care if it cost anything, the event Im about to manage the videogame tournaments on is sponsoring me with money for a good tournament software if needed.

It would be nice if it has a built in web announcement alternative.
something enabling me to automatically sync the results on a website for others to be able to follow the progress of the tournament.

Thanks in advance.


Try using Tournament 16 software. Its farely easy. But thats the only one i ever used. i havent explored all the options in it. And not sure if its what you need but its something. Good luck!!


thanks. will give it a try now :smiley:

well. it misses DE option. and the hole layout of the software is pretty much useless for fightinggame tournaments :confused:


this is the best I’ve seen


that is ALJ’s :smiley:


I’ll make the suggestion of tio Tournament Organiser. It’s the best one I’ve come across so far.


wow. this looks really promising.
Will test it out right away :smiley:

thanks for the heads up on that one.

here is a better URL for it:


Ive tested tio now, and can easily say that its the best Ive tested so far. And with the guy constantly updating the software this will probably be the best alternative out there (if not already the best)
will probably use this for the tournament. dont think there will be any better alternatives.
Hope the guy adds some more features to his program.
Like real time web announcement/syncing,
Graphical themes for the brackets.
More visual HTML/bulletin board announcement alternatives.



Have you seen this?

Arena15 is a tool to manage your tournaments: subscriptions, matches, standings/classifications, knockouts… etc

PES 2016 / FIFA 16 / Football Manager 2016 / etc…