Tournament + Maybe 5v5 (for fun) Saturday @ 3:00pm Lynnwood!

Tournament @ Gameclucks

address =
18717 76th Ave W, Suite A Lynnwood, WA 98037
(425) 775-2240

Entry fee= $5

venue fee= $2 per person

Start time = 3:00 pm (show up as early as noon for friendlies)

Portland come see us! (Frank is in charge of the SEA 5 roster)

I love your spelling skills.

And for this 5v5, lets just send that hungry ass Bokkin at them while we play smash?

Sounds cool, any chance of a later start or is it set in stone at 3pm? I’ll be at work until 6pm.

Fixed. And yeah sounds good, I had a chance to run through Portland now it’s Bokkin’s turn. Also, time to change your sig :razzy:

Rofl, I might be able to make it out to this.

ok heh thanks for asking GameClucks to host this event. I gave you a little outdated info E-Man, mybad. Wish you would of hit me up before posting or if you talked to Slash then nevermind this post.

Slash wanted to record some 1 v 1 matches more so then 5v5. Also, Ray is going to do a gauntlet vs all peeps in all his respective games, this was more of a going away tourney weekend for Ray. It still be nice to run back a 5v5 if portland is down. Also the teams would be Main NW top 5 and New Skool current top 5.

I really hope people can attend this. Everyone needs to stop being so lame about driving out to GameClucks. We dont have many places we can host tourneys, so please support the ones that do. I am hyped for a back to back singles, sat and sunday + TW finals!.

Also, I say Frank should pick the new skool team. The main top 5 of NW is pretty obvious, but should be decided by myself. If anyone objects, please speak up. Im basing it off tourney performance.

Nw Top 5 - Tanaka, Future, CeramicSugar, AwesomeJones, Deezo

Frank who are your new skool top 5? Does anyone have any issues with the current NW Top 5?


3rd strike?

Bad doggy

smacks you with rolled up newspaper

My nw new school top 5:

Carlos, B0kkin, Akuma, Gouki, David

Also Ceramic Sugar is not top 5. Put Elias in there please.

I honestly don’t see a point to this whole matter, unless BBH, SamB, Fatbear, Jetay, and one other person are there. It’s not going to prove anything. Nothing in their eyes was proven when Riki steamrolled through 4 Portland players the last time they were here. Nothing this time around is going to change again, unless the said 4 players are there.


If this goes down and I’m on the team, count me in! I should be there either way though.

<3 Seattle SFIV <3

Yeah, at this point, I’m just hoping for a large singles turnout. That would be filthy considering we got tons of tvs.

Oh that reminds me, BRING SET UPS!

I got 1 PS3 set up plus 1 360 set up. If you can just bring your memory card + disc that would be fine too since we have 360s and tvs.

I will bring my PS3 + TE just in case. Those TV’s take component right?

I smoke rocks~!

This comment is so rare coming from the Deezo. Given that, this event should be huge regardless!! DEEZO IS HUNGRY AGAIN?!!!


I’ll be there, do we need to bring setups or does Gameclucks have that taken care of? I have never been there.

Just to let everyone know, this is not a “Bigger Dick” contest. Its all just for fun and bottom line, get practice and give Ray a nice going away present. Main event is more so Rays gauntlet and singles for practice and hype for BloodyKnuckles.

I feel Elias is part of the new skool crew, Ceramic Sugar has been placin high since Gameworks tourney and have been winning a few recent first places taking out all the big guns… He has yet to be able to represent, so i feel he right now is current top 5. Like i said, dont take these things so personal, put the Egos aside and be easy on the emotion level. This is all for fun and practice. So lets all support Gameclucks, Support our Scene and Support Rays decision to move on.

I honestly think that a nice triple 5v5 team round robin would be bad ass to watch. ALSO, bonus for anyone that can get 5 canada kats to come down and rep for a 4th 5v5 team. I know its a long shot cause they be lazy (hehe) but money is in it if they can stay for saturday and sunday. Anyway, see everyone Saturday!

I most likely wont be there to late because ill be getting the U-Haul and transferring all the cabinets to the Dojo that afternoon.


Cole if you need any help moving or anything on Saturday let me know, I live up near MS off 520 so I’m not all that far from the Dojo.

Elias is hardly new school. ST beast since 2006? Ceramic Sugar is a rookie. But let’s be honest. Will he show? Will the Future show up for video games on a saturday afternoon? If so awesome, but I don’t really see them coming to gameclucks. B0kkin is just going to rape Portland anyway. That’s all I’m saying.