Tournament Mode is NEVER USED IN SSF2THDR! WHY!

When I was but a beginner to the realm of street fighter hd remix, in the very beginning when I was really bad and thought I was hot shit cause I could through a hadouken consistently, tournament mode was actually being played quite frequently but now its lucky to find a soul making a tournament on HDR!

I think players should start having tournaments again cause alot of people from the forums play together and it would be cool to get a bunch of tournaments going, I mean six room player matches are cool too, but I mean switch it up every now and then!

I’ll start making tournaments and post times when I’m making them but you gotta JOIN aight! thx homies of Xbox live…

Well tournament mode is great for little side things or whatever, but it is missing some features.

1.) Can only do single elimination
2.) You can’t overlay rules on top of it (Like winner must keep same character or the like)
3.) No way to seed
4.) You can’t even watch other tournament matches after you lose…
5.) Why do you need tournament mode when there’s the WWL?

Theres a Tournament Mode in hdr

Tourney mode sounded unique when HDR first came out but it died very quickly. Quarter matches are better anyway.

In the past 6 months I’ve played 2 Tournaments in HDR. Both were with I think UK guys? ExposedD and a 6 others. Was actually quite fun.

Yeah i remember that. Was actually VERY fun!

Tournament Mode is actually really fun. I think it is a good change from Player matches which to me get boring sometimes.

Seems like a lot of ppl like tourney mode. Maybe WWL could do a tourney mode event? Just a thought.

Yeah I agree with all the above and that this was fun at the time it was being used. The reason its hardly used because whoever organizes the room has to invite up to 6 or more players to get a good set going and that requires players being online and playing HDR at the time, which is kinda rare these days. Nonetheless, it’s a coordination effort to use this mode and in “player matches” you just join in and wait your turn.

I love Tournament Mode, but yeah, you’re right. It died a horrible death.

I think it comes down to the general decrease in HDR’s player population since SF4 and SSF4.