Tournament mode (stop random pauses, xbox button etc)

Ok this really should have been figured out already but I guess it only just occured to me while watching a tournament game.

Why don’t fighting games start implementing a tournament mode, the scene is big enough now to justify it.
Once tournament mode is switched on, during matches the game will not pause, will not bring up the xbox menu even if the guide button is pressed and will not stop gameplay even if your controller pops out. This would make it a lot more fair as then the only responsibility would be insuring your controller doesnt come out which is really rarely.

I think this would help filter out silly problems that occur, where sometimes no-one knows who pressed the button and players and tournament organisers are dumb struck on how to continue the game.

Just an idea.

I really don’t get why we don’t have this in any fighting games yet.

Well Skullgirls has the feature of tournament mode where you have to hold down the pause button for a certain amount of frames for the game to actually pause.

There seems to be something in the contracts with Sony and Microsoft where you aren’t allowed to disable the home button, its possible Mike Z shown it but it seems Developers aren’t allowed to do it.

So yeah big companies get on that “Hold To Pause” feature

It costs money to produce, and they won’t see a dime of it back. Simple answer.

It’s a bad idea not being able to pause in the middle of a match, but you might need to pause for a variety of reasons. It’s better to have it where you have the hold the button down for at least 5 seconds, or the home button for at least five seconds, but it activates.

They should also make it easier to assign button settings from the character select screen, and in the middle of a game. Why companies still use the archaic style of “select a selection of 10 settings to set to one button” still, boggles my mind. HDR and 3sOE has shown that there are better, and easier ways of doing this, that doesn’t cost much development time to implement, and yet certain companies cough Namco cough still use the retarded way.

the only company that use that archaic style of button config is capcom as far as i can remember
other companies, like arc system works have been using the hdr and 3soe waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay long before them
my theory is that they are recycling the libraries and code on every game that they produce, note that hdr and 3so are outsourced to american studios hence why they use a different method

KoF XIII has the scrolling button config too.

VF5FS has scrolling button config and button checks right on the character select screen.

Skullgirls showed off hold start to pause at their EVO2K11 panel, SFxT has added it too.

While I can’t answer for SC, Tekken does highlight the button you’re holding while you select what you want that button to do, which is leaps and bounds above what Capcom has done with every single game they have ported since the 16-bit days with the exception of the SFEX series(which isn’t entirely theirs) and SF: The Movie on PS1.

There were games on the SNES that had that button config way before Arc Sys and the US based teams that made HDR and 3SO.

All improvements on a system that Capcom still sticks to, and there’s really no reason why. Lazy game design. Like you guys have said, plenty of companies and games have already discovered superior button layout assignment systems, so why is it that some games still use the archaic and dumb way?

It doesn’t, it does it the retarded way like SF4, SFxT etc.

I’ve been thinking about this too, if smash bros has an option to disable the pause button, then other fighting games should too. About the X-box button, you should be able to hold it, like others said.

SFxT has the “hold start to pause” and character select screen button configs (though the config method itself still sucks).

I’m pretty sure that due to MS requirements you can’t alter the way the Home button works, though. And I would imagine it’s the same for Sony. But that’s why there’s a lock switch on TE’s.

Yeah, I call that the scrolling button config. The good way where you press the button I call press/push button config.