Tournament Mode

Apparently this will be released for XBL. Does anybody know a date when this patch/DLC will be available???

I’m really looking forward to it. Spice up the online games a bit.

Would be cool to get a SRK tourney going!!

i didnt know it was coming out!!! i really gotta start practicin more den!!!:rock:

if your talking about street fighter 4

this is from

Championship Mode:

The first expansion pack for Street Fighter IV, Championship Mode adds several unique and gameplay enriching options to Street Fighter IV’s already robust feature set.

Replay Mode – Record, upload, and download top matches to share with the Street Fighter IV community. Players can analyze top tiered fighters matches, leave voter feedback for others, and share their own triumphant victories.

New Points System – Two new points systems to measure your skill (Championship and Tournament Points)

Enhanced Tournament Matching System – Skill level matching system offers improved tournament match making for beginners and mid-level players. Competitors earn Grade Points (GP) to earn entry into more advanced tournaments.
Release Date: March 31, 2009 (US)

Cant wait

4 realz ?i heard in another thread the summer b4 anything happens… cuz right now shit needs a tournament mode or something bp is just dumb

Hopefully they fix the ranking so that if someone quits, you get the win. Looking forward to this. Sad they don’t have mulit-person lobbies mentioned, but replay saving I guess is already a good enough add-on for me.

No more BP? :slight_smile:

there is no replay i think only training mode.

and the bp is random i hate if i beat someone with 7000k i get 40 points then if i lose i lose 100+ bp

Hopefully they’ll have LOBBIES. Just sayin’…

march 31st den came and went and no tourny mode…its startin to piss me off!!!:mad:

Enhanced Tournament Matchmaking system sounds great

its been changed to Q2 2009 :frowning:

It’s going to be free right?

Yeah its gonna be free.

I read on the Xbox forums today that by one of the posters there that they had to download a patch for Street fighter 4. I wonder if that was the Tournament mode that is being talked about or something else.

I played this morning, around 8:30 Mountain Time, and there was only an XBL update.

yeah it was only a live update. but usually when they make updates like that, they usually add something to the marketplace. lets just hope its what we’ve all been waiting for.

This. Lobbies is the coolest thing.