Tournament name

Hey guys myself and a few others are trying to start a fighting game scene in the local area.
So we are trying to think of a name for our tournament we are going to be throwing. Sadly we can’t think of much. Any ideas?

dick punching championship series 2011 #1

world series of dick punchers

Maury’s Not the Baby Dady First Tournament Fighting Extravangaza.


Haha. Excellent so far

I thought u would have closed this…aights let’s have some fun

Meh I see no point in closing this. He needs help and doesn’t seem to mind us having a bit of fun so go all out.

World Series of Smoking Pole Throwdown 6


Circle Jab

BoneCrusher Tournament Series! :smiley:

I dunno, I thought it would sound cool.

theres a formula for this…

(Name of venue) FIGHT NIGHTS!!

There are at least 3 threads for gatherings in any Regional Subforum that follow this formula

Dick Dastardly’s Devastating Destruction 2011.

Where is this tournament located? That could help.

Skeet Fighter 4: Tourette’s Edition

This. Location helps a lot when thinking of names. And NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER steal the name from someone elses tournament past or present. I’ve seen this happen a lot and it’s actually annoying. 99% of the time you will get jumped on it by numerous people till you change it.

This keeps happening with the old major tournament Texas Showdown. In the last 2-3 years I’ve seen at least 2 different instances where people tried to call themselves TS but immediately had the community jump on including the TS TO themselves which pretty much forced them to change it. This has actually happened to me once but it was just a misunderstanding and the name was changed.



(that cheesy line from the Tekken movie)

east coast championships

St. Elmo’s Fire