Tournament name

Pot Monsters Invitational and Donation Drive.

East Coast Dickriderz


  • it’s always a great idea to name it after your location
    Mississippi Sissy Moppin’

  • if you’d like it to be a seasonal league or an annual event, you can name it after the time of year
    Autumn Assault: Leaves Fall, Bodies Fall

  • or you could dedicate your tournament to being HUGE and STRONG
    Big Fight For Big Guys (big-ups to the big winner)

Yea, location always helps.

Around our arcade we live next to a large college campus. When we host tournaments, they’re called “Back To School”, no matter what day it is (even in the middle of winter).

Is op’s name pronounced STD EASY?


just call it XXX LIVE NUDE GIRLS XXX and rake in the $$$

Bros Up, Rush Downs

How about “Street Fighter IV Tournament”? I know thats what you’ll be playing. meh

p.s. Pretty nice of Val. If I was him I would have shut this bitch down. Fuck this thread.

Edit - Man, lame ass thread like this stay open when gold mine like threads with that closet homo asking for kayo police posters gets shut down before it even gets good. WTF man!?!?!

Fighting Alliance Gaming Syndicate :sunglasses:

EDIT: In all seriousness though, a location will definitely help and maybe the games you plan on playing.

We live in north MS and we plan on playing; blazblue, arcana hearts, mvc3(potentially 2 if we have interest) tekken and street fighter.
This is assuming all of them have interest, if nobody shows for em we just won’t run them lol.
Thanks Alot to everybody who has contributed and thanks for the guys who gave me some good laughs!

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That or RTSD (Rush That Shit Down) 1

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rex banners banana kaboom

North MS Tournament: The Movie: The Game: Part IV

based on the best selling novel.

“You are… already dead.” :sad: