Tournament of Champions 6 Results

3S (10 People)

1st- Popoblo (Chun SA2, Ken SA3)
2nd- Ghettoontherise (Yun SA3, Ken SA3, Hugo Gigas, Urien SA3, Chun SA2)
3rd- Vega (Chun SA2, others)

Winner’s Finals, 3-0 Popoblo. Grand Finals, 3-2 Ghettoontherise, 3-0 Popoblo

MvC2 (7 People, Round Robin)

1st- NKI (MSS)
2nd- Nunez (???)
3rd- Popoblo (Scrub, Santhrax, Clockw0rk)

CvS2 (5 People, RR)

1st- Popoblo (A-Eagle/Bison/Blanka)
2nd- Vega (C-Iori/Vega/Yamazaki, others)
3rd- Rocky (C-Guile/Rolento/Sagat, others)

Super Turbo (4 People, RR)

1st- NKI (Chun)
2nd- ???
3rd- ???

(I’ll update everything when Ghettoontherise posts)

Fun tourney, but WEAK turnout. It’s pretty pathetic how most of the Ft Wayne crew backed out of their own tournament like a day before for random reasons. Same with OH. Did Chicago just not feel like coming to this at all? I’m curious because they didn’t post at all but they have been to past TOC’s.

I know the Midwest doesn’t have many tournaments and the turnouts are generally low and all that stuff, but when a tournament like this is going on in relatively close driving distance and not many people come, WHY DO YOU THINK THE TURNOUTS ARE WEAK?!? Maybe if people actually showed up instead of bitching about gas prices then we could have a good turnout like old Mid-Noon Masses in Cleveland. The C-bus crew showing up would’ve made it a lot more interesting but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Ghettoontherise was gonna throw in some of his own money on the whole money matching concept but nobody bit on it.

Now that my ranting is over, GG to everybody. Thanks for the St. Louis guys for coming and hopefully you’ll make the trip again. Nice to see Dave and Brent again and meet new people and all that good stuff. I was hella rusty in CvS2 but my 3S practice was good enough.


Good games to everyone who actually showed up.

BAD GAMES to everyone who didn’t show up.

Nice meeting everyone, and special thanks to Dave (GHETTO ON THE RISE!!) for organizing. :tup:

Heh looks like you beat me to it popoblo.

The results are on point. Super Turbo didn’t get finished up simply due to the fact that NKI came and took all of our money :sad: . No actually what happened is in RR NKI beat everybody, and there wasn’t a huge interest in finishing the matches. So I simply paid out Vega and megaultrasuper for their participation and they simply tied for second.

Now I know I shouldn’t rant about how this turnout was weak and how everybody canceled last minute…but I can’t help it. I’m am officially discontinuing this tournament until further notice. Obiviously the majority of you in the midwest do not care that our skills as well as our passion is dying in the 2d fighting game scene. I simply don’t understand how the west coast, east coast, south, and far north (Canada) can have big fun tournaments that tons of people go to, yet the midwest simply keeps getting shitter and shitter.

I’m not just talking about my tournament either. When I went to the Midwest Championships earlier this year the turnout was WEAK. Sure all the big names from around the country were there to take all the free money, but outside of Chicago, who from the midwest came. Maybe a couple stragglers from Minnesota, a couple from Indiana, a group from Michigan…and that’s it. Maybe 5% of the people that I know play support the scene here in the Midwest. It’s pathetic. Perhaps it’s just the fact that we’re all spread out…I’m not sure. In anycase don’t expect a continuation until I can see some interest…of course most of you probably don’t care anyway since you didn’t bother to show up to the only midwest tournament since EVO.

And don’t get me wrong…I’m not mad at all…just tired of wasting my time.

And of course those of you that came, my sincerest apologies. It was awesome meeting all the new faces. Hopefully, if you guys hold tournaments in the future I’ll be able to come and support…it’s the least I can do for you since you took time out of your schedule to come to mine. Peace.

GG’s to those heads from moorehead. Sorry I had to jet early, GF was getting impatient. Whenever and whoever is in town, i’ll be more than happy to get some tekken games in (money or casual matches). I’m willing to teach :slight_smile:

anyway, nice meeting some of you, and thanks for holding the tourny again dave…


Yo, I got 3rd in 3rd strike. Vega got 4th.

GG’s to everybody that came, and I hope to see you guys again, but next time here in Lexington.

I guess everyone else’s misfortune somehow worked to my benefit. If there wasn’t a shitty turnout, MVC2 wouldn’t have been round robin. 2 and out, and I’m soured on the tournament experience. Instead, I feel like I got my money’s worth. Brent, thanks for the mercy win, and Dave thanks for holding a beginner-friendly tournament, regardless of the complete lack of participation.

sorry that some of us have jobs on the weekends that are difficult to get off.

Though there was an anime con this last weekend that I was lucky to get off and went to that so I could pre-reg for the next con in may. And saw some naruto 3 tournament, MvC2, Halo 2, and supposively a 3s tournament that had troubles with postponement. But some of the people might have been there.

Well in either case, I’m glad you did get a chance to hold a tournament, and the fact that it probably run 25X more smoothly than the tournaments at the anime con this last weekend.

F#cking SRK. When will they ever be able to finally fix this crap. It’s been down like over the past 5 or 6 days, minus a short time (read: a couple hours).

Fracktured, I’m not sure it would have mattered had I played a more serious team. Marvel just isn’t my game. I certainly enjoy playing lots of those fun characters though. :karate:

BTW, thanks to everyone who came out and made the tournament possible. Sorry for the sucky turnout but I had fun yet again.

Like I said earlier, I apologize for not being able to come to this. My car got fucked and I had to use my dad’s jeep for the week and there was no way he was gonna let me drive it to Bloomington.

Also there was an Reactor Anime Con that weekend that the rest of Chicago and myself ended up going to.And, in fact, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one from here who showed any interest in this tourney. I know that’s pretty weak of us, so what can I say.

I know how much it sucks to go to low turn-out tourneys, and in the end I don’t want to make excuses, but that’s just how it goes. Would have been fun to participate in an 8 man round robin mvc2 tourney. It would have been better than that 5-man tourney I entered in Ft. Wayne a while ago…

Speaking of which, Nov 14, that’s when I’ll be down there. I wanna hook up with you guys when I get a chance. My cell # (708)646-3259. My display is currently smashed so if I don’t answer, I won’t be able to see who called, so don’t bother leaving a message. Just try to get back at me another time. Give me a way to contact you guys as well.

Keep what little hope we have left alive.

lol guess I probably saw you at The Reactor 2 last weekend.

Yea prolly. I was playing marvel most of the time.

EX3 for me, when I wasn’t watching Naruto 3 in the room.

so basically i own the midwest