Tournament of Champions results



1st: Daniel
2nd: Domingo
3rd: Brent

Soul Calibur 2:

1st: Milan
2nd: Brent
3rd: Ray


1st: George
2nd: Daniel
3rd: Eric/Rashad (I’m not sure who won this match…somebody wanna write in and tell me?)


1st: George
2nd: Eric
3rd: David


1st: Domingo
2nd: George
3rd: David


1st: George
2nd: Brent
3rd: Rashad

I know that’s bare bones, but I just wanted to get the results up. I’ll post more in detail and give shoutouts later on today.


Judging by these results, that Brent guy seems to be a really great player. :wink: :lol:

Great job to everyone who attended and made this tournament a success.

It was also nice to meet people for the first time and re-acquaint myself with some others. All very good players and people. :slight_smile:

See y’all later.


Good games everyone.Thanks again Dave for getting it all together.


Who’s Daniel? I’ve never seen the name so I’m a little curious.


that’s me:D. and i only entered cvs2 and mvc2 because i wanted to get home at a decent hour. and i would’ve got beasted on in 3S and ST because i don’t play them at all (ST never).

here’s some more complete results…

CvS2: 13 (?) entrants

1st: Daniel (popoblo) C-guile/chun li/r2 sagat
2nd: Domingo (Nigga_D) K-chun li/ken/r2 sagat
3rd: Brent (???) P-vega/blanka/r2 sagat

i beat domingo 4-2 in the grand finals. domingo busting out a r4 k-sagat was pretty funny. good games. i beat brent 3-0 in winners finals and i don’t know the score of the losers finals. somebody was taping matches, hopefully those will make it online somewhere (especially me vs brent, lots of cool stuff and some eagle play=)…

MvC2: 10 entrants

1st: George (juicy g) Team Scrub
2nd: Daniel (popoblo) MSTronne, Team Matrix
3rd: Rashad (???) Team Scrub

juicy g beasted on me 3-0 in winners finals and 4-0 in grand finals. i beat rashad 3-2 in losers finals. good games george, i never even had a chance:lol:, but it makes me want to seriously learn marvel. once again, somebody taped matches, hopefully they can make it online and i can see how bad i am in marvel, lol.

i know george used Sol in ggxx, and i’m sure domingo used urien in 3S. ggxx was round robin, i think 5 people entered that, 14 for 3S, and 8 for ST.

really fun tourney. the fort wayne guys are all cool as hell. thanks to david (ghettoontherise) for putting this tournament together and actually putting his own money on the line to increase turnout and make it a little more competitive. with some more advertising and promotion this tourney will be a whole lot bigger next time. george, domingo, rashad, gary, andy, and everybody i missed, good to meet you all and i’ll hopefully see you all at midwest championships.



I’m Brent. I was just being silly in that previous post. Haha. It was great to meet you buddy. It’s too bad some people left early but it’s understandable. After you left, Fugi left and 2 of the Ft. Wayners left.

Carlos is the guy who taped the stuff. Here’s the deal…he was asking around if anyone has firewire. I don’t know if he just needs a cable or if his computer doesn’t support it at all, but he’s currently trying to find something. :lol:

After he gets the footage on his cpu I told him I’d help him search around for a site that is willing to host the vids. I’d really like to see if video opera could use them (if the site ever works again) or Mr. Jamie who seems to host a little bit of everything.

If anyone knows of a site that would host vids of all these games, please let us know. We’d really appreciate it.

Dude, I told Carlos that even though I lost I think my favorite moment was parrying that spinning bird kick, especially since I’m sure that was roll cancelled. We were all so impressed with how well you could do that stuff. :slight_smile:

I was telling some of our guys afterwards that it might not have seemed like a major deal to others, but I thought your ability to rc that Eagle spinning move was a real asset because it turns into an invincible anti-air so you can’t even trade it. Also got to thinking about when you mentioned Geo and Cammy. I might try switching her in and taking Blanka out cuz I think he was the least productive on my team, overall. But I need something like Athena instead of Sagat for when Domingo plays his Sagat.

Finally, I saw you playing a bunch of practice MvC2 with Gary (Heihachi) before the tournaments. Please tell that dude that he should have entered. He is really good at the game and keeps getting better.

Gary, enter next time! :bluu:


Damn sounded like fun. Stupid work.




Ok, I’ve finally got some time to say some things.

Chicago crew - It was a pleasure havin you guys show up. I definitely saw some things in MvC2, and Guilty Gear that showed me what direction I need to take in those games. I look forward to see you guys again at MWC.

Popoblo - I’m really glad you showed up for my tournament. It’s been awhile since I have seen technical CvS2 play. Hopefully we will be able to post those videos somewhere. If nothing else maybe I might get some web space myself and post them for a little bit. We’ll see.

Fugi - I’m glad you showed too…it’s kinda funny though how we only played each other in MvC2 and nothing else. I was kinda hoping to get some 3rd strike matches in. It’s all good though. Let me know when you guys are having a tournament in Ohio somewhere…I’ll really try to make it aight.

Fort Wayne crew - I’m also really glad you guys made it too. To think that there is a 9 person crew in Fort Wayne really makes me happy. I don’t think it’s ever been that big, and I’m glad that it is. Hopefully the Bloomington crew will grow to that size and get to playin a lot more.

Thanks guys for making this a successful and nice tournament. I guarentee the next one (which will be in the fall sometime so look for it) will be even bigger.


P.S. ElvenShadow - Dude I wish you hada came. I’ve been wanting to see your faust in action for a long time. Maybe next time.


Nice work.

Way to go dan. I’m glad me beasting on you in CVS2 the day before helped out. LOL. 2nd in MARVEL can’t say you or me expected that. Wish I would have gone to the tourney. Stupid work indeed. LOL hope you earned enough money to pay for the gas back to kentucky LOL. GGPO. Nice work dan.


Sorry but I had to work. Come to MWC and you can see me play there


I remember you from the Cleveland tourney. Remember the crazy Mario Kart 64 game we had. I wish I could have attended. I had class that day. Your chun-Li is great. I’m really curious to have seen how your eagle played. How far was the drive for you?

Also, you should pick up ST. Your knowledge of Chun-LI is great and I’m always looking for new players with that game. Nice job!:smiley:


lol, gotta watch your items when i get a ghost! thanks for the chun li compliments, she’s probably my best character overall, but my eagle is getting there also. too much untapped potential and power. the drive was around 3 hours, which isn’t bad at all (compared to 12 hours to panama city, lol). i’ve thought about learning ST and N. Chun, O. Sagat, and Dhalsim have been my main choices so far.

Brent- i remember carlos’s face, i just couldn’t attach a name with it. and maybe could host some matches. i’ll have to check with him. i’m sure somebody has a firewire cable. thanks for the compliments, my favorite moment was you baiting the shit out of my CC. empty low jump with sagat, activate for shosho, TIGER RAID, shiiiiiiiiiiiiit:lol:. yea, RC lariat is huge with eagle, especially against P-groovers because it’s so difficult to parry all the hits and still retaliate. i’d recommend watching gee-o’s cammy and makoto’s, they’re both really solid. gee-o puts his cammy 2nd as his ratio 2 for good reason- if cammy eats a shosho custom, she can still have enough life to land a parry into standing fierce, super, which will most likely kill sakura. i liked how you didn’t parry excessively, which is the sign of a good p-groover. but you must’ve been showing off parrying all the SBK, considering you can parry like 1 or 2 hits to let the RC invincibility wear off, then do a quick normal/super to hit chun li out of it. blanka’s really good in P-groove, just use short jump rh more with blanka AND VEGA. short jump rh with vega is very difficult to dp on reaction and leaves vega safe. and try to find a better counter to sagat than athena. crouching fierce is great from her, but if she’s dizzy, she’s dead bc of low vitality.

Gary- you’ve got potential, just work on execution and enter as many tournies as you can. the more you enter, the more comfortable you will be playing in a tight situation. and you were decent in mvc2, just try to block rushdown high too, because if i got close, i could triangle jump for free and it would almost always hit (this coming from a guy who can’t block too well himself). but you only get better by more practice and competition.

David- thanks, i had a blast. i’ll gladly come to support any tournies you throw in bloomington next time. maybe you could throw a tourney after midwest championship but before evo to prep people going there for the console atmosphere and just give people good practice and keep things fresh. you wouldn’t really have to worry about a $100 cash prize, but a little incentive for each tourney would be effective (but not absolutely necessary).

damn, long ass post, ggpo

PS- congrats to george (juicy g) for winning the $100 bonus, you deserved it:cool:


I’ve been saying this for years now. My friend Joe (the one that came with me to the tournament in Cleveland) uses Eagle a lot. So, I’ve seen some of the damage he can do. Did you use him in C or A. Which did you find to be the most effective?

Also, stop by the Ft. Wayne thread every now and then. It would be nice to hear what you’re learning or experimenting with. Also, how do you RC so quickly. I’ve been trying and trying and this concept is just so hard for me. Any advice?:confused:


you need a lot of discipline while playing eagle (something i’m still working on). he has the long range pokes to just shut down characters, but if you abuse them, ggpo. i used him in C mostly, and in A against brent. they’re two completely different beasts in the two grooves. air block is really nice to have in C, and his custom is 8000+ with a good amount of setups. just stop by the eagle thread with more questions.

you honestly just need to practice a lot to learn RC well. i heard that so many times and i could never do it, then it just came to me one day and i could do it. with more practice, i could do it a whole lot better. start with simple moves first. the first move i could RC was quarter circles, then taps (RC electricity), then charge motions, etc.

and read this thread…


Great games to all…it was dope meeting the indiana crew and daniel from ky(good shit on the rc’s…payback will be a motha:cool: :wink: ).all of you guys got mad potential to be hella great Sf players,Something in all Honesty i didn’t expect before i got there But i’m glad you proved me wrong…Midwest can Bang.Just keep playing and practicing and improving and i’ll see you fools in June.Peace



Great time everybody. It was nice being back in the gaming scene. Good job to David for hosting the thing, and having it not run past 12. Anyways, great seeing some damn goood TTT comp (Milan, Gary) and had fun getting my ass rushed down in the first round of MvC2 by JuicyG.
Bl crew (if there is one) just give me a call (75859) or IM me (elfty) if you get together. We need practice!



sorry guys my post is like a week late after the tournament

Daniel: good job on those RC’s, I’ll try to play more mvc2 next time

Fugi: it was nice playing u in 3S and MVC2 and thanks for watching my stick while i was outside.

Domingo: thanks for the throwing strategies in 3s

Elfy: Tell your GF that Ray and Milan said Hi:D :smiley: It was nice playing u Tag.

george,dave,vega,andy,carlos everybody :cool:

about the SF3 tournament George forfeit the final match because he didn’t want to play against his friend in the final match.


1st: Domingo
2nd: George
3rd: David


I got webspace. PM me for details.


awesome, hopefully carlos can encode them and get them on his computer and we’ll go from there. any update carlos/can somebody ask him? thanks gandido.

and juicy g, payback in mvc2 will be a motha, just you wait:cool: