We will be hosting an ST tourney for a chance to qualify for the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS event at EVO

When: SUNDAY MARCH 4,2012 12:00 PM

This tournament will be the first qualifier for the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS event at EVO 2012

Sign-Up will be at the white ST cabinet the moment you walk into the FR XV on your left.

Sign-Up will close tonight Saturday March,3 2012 to ensure a prompt tournament start for early tomorrow afternoon.

Sign-Up for this tournament is $20.00

We will be running this tournament on supergun.

If you have any access to PS2 joystick please PM me as soon as you can


[]The rules and format for the Regional Qualifiers will be determined by the tournament organizers of those respective tournaments.
]Players who have qualified, may enter any future qualifier with the exception of the tournaments holding two qualifiers on the same day (Super Arcade, Season’s Beatings, East Coast Throwdown)
[]If the winner of any of the Regional Qualifiers has already qualified for the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS Finals, the runner-up will be awarded the qualifier.
]If the runner-up is unable to compete at EVO, or has already qualified for the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS, the qualifying spot will be awarded at the discretion of the ST Revival tournament organizers.
[LEFT]EVO Last Chance Qualifiers and TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS Finals:[/LEFT]
[]Arcade Super Turbo - Cabinets and Supergun - Japanese and American sticks will be available
]Double Elimination
[]3 out of 5 games. FINALS are 4 out of 7 games.
]No character lock. Players may switch characters at the start of the match or after losing a match.
[*]Entry fee and registration will be announced soon.

Looks like we have one cabinet that is the same as the one from last year. Pretty decent sticks and plenty of room for even the widest ST player. :stuck_out_tongue:

Larry whom I have known for at least 10 years is trusting me with the cabinet so it’s pretty much what I say goes. But don’t worry I’m not a douche-bag.

It has been 10+ years since I helped run a tourney and I am looking for some help. Any constructive ideas and thoughts are welcome.

As of right now I have no format or prize pool structure. If you want to make this awesome event and feel as if you can contribute the time and patience then by all means my ears are open to suggestions.

Numbers for ST when it was official last year were in the 30’s or 40’s I can’t remember, so while I know there is not a ton of interest in ST and I am just talking about tournament participation here. ( Everyone and their mom play casuals though. )

Or we could just casual all day long and have the occasional MM’s. I would love to get in on some FT 5’s or 10’s with some peeps. Nothing crazy though.

ShinBlanka posted about a Japanese delegation travelling to the tournament. Any Jap ST heads too?

They Japanese are usually interested in ST. I know if Tokido goes he loves wall-diving his way to victory. Other Japanese always follow other Japanese so it’s possible. I already hype just for casuals. Oh we will have an SFA2 board as well.

Look into capture and streaming. (Streaming is the now.) Supergun setups tend to have ‘CGA’ video which can require special hardware.
IIRC Final round is streamed by Team Spooky who’re relatively ST friendly, so you should definitely talk to them.

Interesting development…Don’t want to speak out of turn so let me ask some questions:

If you would be interested in participating in a ST tournament could you please list your handle and name.

I am trying to get an accurate count for interest and possibly other incentives.

I’ll play. I think valle and cole would play too. Not looking forward to american cab though. Any chance of supergun?

last year it had jlf’s in it with sanwa buttons, he switched them out from the year before.

oh and i plan on playing.

last year they had streaming on a supergun in the beginning, but then it was pointed out one of the sticks was fucked up (it was one of those astrocity looking superguns) so the rest was put on the cab.

I also am willing to help with anything you need.

I won’t be there until Friday night though. Hopefully Larry won’t be super strict on the “unofficial tournaments must run on Friday” rule.

Comeback Kyle is coming too. He will definitely enter, as will a friend I’m travelling with.

I would enter if it happens.

I also should have an arcadeshock jamma capture passthrough board by then, if someone wants to record the matches. I think I can at least throw that in the stuffed trunk.

Also ST or GMC board? I could bring my GMC board if desired.

I will enter.

And beat dsinnie without having to win as many matches as he did like last year.

Oh snap! someone is getting called out. Is this going to be a grudge match in the making?

ask him who’s money is on my wall.

Gummo, Who’s money is on dsinnie’s wall? Did that money at one time belong to you Gummo? and how did it get into dsinnie’s possession?

Its my $2 dollar bill on his wall. BUT this FOOL refuses to rematch me with that money because he knows that win was a fluke and is afraid to lose it.

The bigger question is who’s yoohoo went into who’s stomach?! Also, who got to ride shotgun after ECT because of the ST tourny?

YooHoos and $2 bills… this is seriously hype right now!

Hmm, not sure I want to ask that question.

You get another 2 dollar bill an we can money match anytime you want, not this shitty 2 one dollar bill’s shit.

If it makes you happy though i will put up the 2 dollar bill to.

2 silver dollars.

2 Golden dollar coins.

4 half dollars.

uhhh… he did win a yoohoo. this is true.

He left out how much I had to drink before that. but it’s cool hold dat.

ECT? you are holding on to that one huh? shouldn’t be though.


This is building up to be the grudge match of the century. Make sure you guys get video footage of the match, and video of the smack talk leading up to the match. You guys need to up the ante. Loser should have to open and close every post on SRK from now till next year with the follwoing.

“Lord dsinnie/Gummo(depending on who won) has graciously allowed me to speak.” Followed by what ever you want to post about. Then end the post with “Long Live dsinnie/Gummo”.

Then next year, loser can try to win their dignity back.

But gummo already has to ask my permission to speak.

thats not enough. Im thinking on call butt neked burpies. 113 of them ON CALL.