Tournament of Legends.


Okay so this 3D fighter for the Wii has been getting a pretty bum rap that personally, I don’t feel it deserves.


You get a cast of 8 characters, 2 (I assume) being unlock-able for a total of 10, including Marcus, a roman gladiator type guy and the anti-hero poster boy (middle weight, speed and damage, top tier imo), Jupiter, a power deluded golem who believes himself the king of the gods (huge weight, low speed and high damage, pretty good character when using club+shield with hard hitting, fast startup specials) and others who I’ve not had the chance to play extensively with yet. I really like ALL of the designs, each one being fairly recognisable from Greco-Roman mythology, but with interesting features and quirks.

It’s very fun. Basically all characters play fairly similarly outside of varying size, strength, speed and weapon set selection, with the primary variance coming from the unique to character special attacks, which cost meter to use which you build by causing damage to your opponent.

From what I’ve played and seen, they all seem to be well balanced, with the exception of Marcus’ rain of arrows special, which is very cheap to use considering he has a respectable speed of meter building and can literally lock you down with these until he runs out of meter to use it, as it’s fairly quick startup, and combined with his good foot speed he can easily create distance to begin casting. Woe betide you if Marcus hits you with it, though, as you get locked in place as you’re peppered with high damage arrows and he can rush in and cause immense damage if he’s got his Lethal enchantment ready.

Everyone gets dashes, though the distance and speed with which they move vary depending upon weight class. The faster characters can dash further and faster whereas the weightier ones will just be leaving themselves open to a quick horizontal attack if they use their dashes randomly in close quarters.

There are a lot of details to this game but it never manages to be ‘deep’, but it IS very fun for some throwaway casual off-line play. It certainly does not deserve the bad reviews its been getting.

Considering High Voltage is not known for it’s fighters, I certainly commend them for trying, and succeeding in their own small way. They didn’t manage to make a GOOD fighting game, but they did manage to make a FUN one.

Game play basically is dodge, punish, smash blocking opponent’s armour off with pressure, and if the opponent is getting too comfortable, lay down some specials, activate your enchantment or go for an unblock-able power attack (which is universal, does not cost meter, is fairly quick and is always available, but has long recovery, so blocking all the time can be quite dangerous). All these make turtling not much of a reality in this game, as far as I can tell.

EDIT: Oh, and if you’re planning on playing this, for the love of GOD please don’t use the waggle controls. Customise your own control layout, using BUTTONS, please. Have a classic controller? Even better.



  • Does the game support a GC controller?
  • how does the combo system work?
  • is there any online play?


There is no online play, and I don’t think it supports GC controllers.

The combo system is very rudimentary. You can either go for a quick 2 hit combo for moderate damage by pressing the same of 3 basic attack buttons twice (this is the fastest and quickest recovering multi-hit attack), or you can go for a 3 hit combo by pressing all three basic attack buttons in any order. These are a little riskier as the recovery is longer, but the damage is very high. You can combo specials into these normal combos as I described, by casting a duration based special before going in for your normal combo.

I’ve executed a 4 hit normals based combo before, which is hilariously announced as an ‘epic’ combo, but I’ve as yet no idea how to pull these off consistently. I believe it’s a normal 3 hit combo before executing a dash attack by double tapping the directional stick toward your opponent and holding it in place, but I’m not sure.

Damage on combos and specials into combos is VERY high in this game. With enchantments and on the frailer characters, Marcus can close out a round just by landing his rain of arrows special once in the middle of the arena (where the arrows are most focussed). The heavier characters are very brutal with certain weapons (like the hammers of progress) and can kill you quite easily with two or three combos, and with enchantments death comes even more quickly.

So if you miss and your opp side dashes into a punishment combo, it’s going to hurt pretty bad.


I’ll go check a video of it.This thread kinda changed my mind about it.


Yeah seriously, DON’T believe the reviews, they have no idea what they’re talking about. I’ll admit it’s light on content (there are only Story, Versus and Training modes), but the fighting system is pretty good. I’m still trying to find someone to play this with.

The game is also fairly nice to look at, with detailed characters and environments and smooth, satisfying combat animation. It can be a little garish with all the bright colours, though, but it’s certainly a better looking game than what the reviews will have you believe, and A LOT easier on the eyes than the giant smudge of brown Gladiator A.D. was going to be before it got turned into this game.

EDIT: Some clarification on the ‘combo’ system. It seems only the first two hits of the universal 4 hit ‘combo’ (3 normals and then dash attack) is not actually a combo. Only the first two hits truly combo, but the third and fourth hits can be avoided/blocked. However, the timing of these extra hits can be delayed and cause a lot of extra damage if not blocked, and since unblock-ables are pretty fast in this game, you can do a two hit combo and then go straight into a horizontal unblock-able to bait out a block or dodge attempt to punish.


It looks like a 300 version of mortal kombat, what is there not to like?


Interesting, it seems that HVS played safe and made the characters play similar to avoid any balance issues. Might have to find a way to try this out.





I think HVS wanted this game to be as big as The Conduit in terms of filling a void, but the SEGA publishing agreement killed it basically, and they put this thing out as a budget title.


OK, so I bought this recently and it’s very simple but fun in a “this can never be competitive” sorta way. Are there any advanced techniques in this game besides the Critical Block?