Tournament of Redemption: SVC Chaos - Chespeake, VA Greenbrier Cyberstaion - 9.26.09

Ok so we had this tournament for SVC chaos about a week ago. Yeah i know the game sucks, but for some reaon it’s popular at my store. Its always in the top 5 with DDR, Time Crisis and Maximum Tune 3. Well with the tournament more people than expected showed up for it and the whole turnout was really good just in general. So, i’ve decided to have another one for the game to give people a chance to get their revenge.

Tournament is double elim, best of 5 rounds per game, pay for play,** no entry fee**. The only thing different from last time is i am allowing boss character codes. the only stipulation with that is , you will have to input the code on your own and if you get it wrong, you’re stuck with whoever you get. I will have my MAME setup with the same rom as the machine so you will have to input codes on that as well. So i won’t be loading up the “Super PLUS” rom with bosses already unlocked.

Tournament starts at 4. Sign ups are from open until 3:45 so i have 15 min to set up the brackets. I will try to have a sign up sheet at the store near the machine for when you come in to play or practice. If you want to practice at home and need the game just PM me or hit up my AIM : namco003

Tournament is this saturday. Who’s gonna be there. I will be there by 2 for casual fighting games on my MAME setup. 3rd strike, svc, kof, pinball? Yeah, thats right, pinball. Hmmm, i have to check and see if i have the street fighter pinball table :slight_smile:

i will be there…

i will be taking all the tokens…

and you should edit the first post to fix the times to be 4…

Kick back!

you should ban athena and red arremer instead of letting them be played. they are broke as hell.

Can I use my vsmile stick on your mame setup?

regardless, I’ll be there to tide me over until the ranbats.

There is no code for them as far as i know

you can play them on console i think…

there never was a code. you had to unlock them for offline use by beating them in arcade but not for online play. at least thats for the console version.

I remember playing it on live and and some dumb kid was trying to pretend he knew the code to use athena because his daddy works for snk. -_-