Tournament organisation


does anyone know which tools the officials used to manage players, matches and results? The tournaments I went to in Germany pretty much did everything by hand on printed tournament trees and group sheets which IMO is pretty lame :slight_smile: and in some cases prone to error.

for the most part it was done on huge cardboard brackets. then some tournament software for the finals IIRC

Ok, it makes more sense to hand out group sheets to each group and let the players enter the results by themselves - but can anyone give more information on the tournament software? There has to be some sort of 2-sided management tool: enter results on a laptop in an administrative perspective, then display them with a projector in a “fancy scrolling graphic effects”-perspective. I tried to write one on my own using PHP, but it’s a sh*tload of work…

…which is why there isn’t one tool that does everything, software like tio is good for making and running brackets from a laptop, and you can put that on a projector but it’s still a text bracket. Evo used custom web software that was updated from paper brackets. Judges were trained the night before on how to run a bracket, to be honest it’s hard to mess up if you use good brackets that clearly mark where the loser goes.