Tournament Player Appreciation Thread


Just wanted a place to comment on pro/sponsored and tournament players and appreciate their excellent level of play.

  1. RayRay’s Magneto. I just love watching as his magus moves through the air like a white streak. mad crazy skills on display at House of Crack and Big Two lately.

  2. ChrisG. I just started playing morrigan and I have to give it up to this guy. Morrigan is quarter circles, all day. Soulsouling is all quarter circles, combos mean fly/unfly, all quarter circles. The fact that he keeps this up consistently over entire sets and tournaments is amazing. I have a whole new level of respect for ChrisG.

  3. Viscant. He took up seth’s challenge to try and write up a team based tier list. In depth accounts from top players is so much more helpful then just looking at graph. Team based tier list are the way to go in a game like marvel. Also, shout outs for posting the forums on a regularly basis and talking with all the rabble. One of the few top players that interacts with us on the forums that I know of.

  4. Diago. Bringing that international hype to CEO. love him or hate him, international matches are always the most hype to watch imo. Imagine if Kusoru came back for another Marvel tournament? International Hype + Marvel Hype =[S] Over 9,000[/S] More Hype than I can comprehend.


i love diago too


my favorite player is bananapple snappleken


Dieminion - His Guile is freaking awesome, that lame play I enjoy immensely. I wonder if he plays other SF’s besides IV.

Chris G - I don’t play 3, but everytime this dude plays with that lame shit… I can hear the tears running down the stream monsters cheek. Excellent play, always consistent. Respect to that dude. Can say the same for Dieminion in Marvel as well.


ChrisG made me actually want to play UMvC3.


Fighting Game Player Appreciation 101: The Fundamentals of Studying Features

one of the very first things youll learn about truly appreciating a fine piece of tournament player is their distinguishing portraits makes a deep first impression. here we will take a close analytical look at the essential classic piece: Diago Umehera.
at first glance his oval shaped face gives off an aura of closeness and familiarity. make no mistake however, this is contrasted by his sharp looks cleverly concealing the personality of a beast
his unkept mop hair provides a certain charm that holds the work together, i think. his pierce gaze and that confident yet shy smile also represents the inner theme.
regarding the clothing, his choice of that leather jacket may suggest a subtle anachronism within his place in the fighting game circuit; it is vaguely reminiscent of the well known Terry Bogard. A possible allusion?
all in all this is only a cursory glance at a representation. to begin to truly understand a Tournament Player requires years of experience. but its never too late to start out! start practicing by taking a more critical frame to the various piece you might have taken for granted.


Vangief made me fall in love with Zangief after his match against JWong in EVO 2010 and got me into buying a 360 to be able to join in.

<3 Vangief


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