Tournament players and community interaction

I read the front page and saw that Mr.SNK got a lot of heat for his performance at sbo qualifiers.

One of his responses was:

Lol Ill challenge anyone in here to play me at evo. Stay behind your pc’s kids.

The thing is this is very egotistical sounding and rude. This is not how you’re supposed to act with your community. Where’s the humility?

I think the only thing players fail to realize is something very, very simple. People on forums aren’t fellow players, they’re just losers behind computers. Challenging people that watch more street fighter than play it wouldn’t work. Trying to get these people to relate to players’ tournament experiences won’t work either, because the spectator will understand nothing beyond the chat. There must be some other way that established players can interact with street fighter fanboys that doesn’t involve engaging them directly? Perhaps a more politically correct response is required? I don’t know so please help me brainstorm so we can have a more efficient way for anonymous asshats to interact with community heads.

Well number 1, they were all being asses. But I bet not one of them could ever beat Mr.SNK in a game, that that was necessary. They were nothing more than Stream Monsters.

As of now, they only have about three ways to interact with tournament players.

  1. Get thier asses to a tournament.
  2. Get thier asses on XBL/PSN/GGPO
  3. Do what they are doing now.

Personally, I think 95% of the community are completely miserable, arrogant pricks with no self-esteem so interacting with these pieces of garbage is completely not worth my time.

Why should pros interact with stream monster trash. They can only flame and write stupid shit like oni is banned. You dont get any benefit from interacting with those ppl, Pros should clearly go out and say fuck stream monsters.

Stream monsters should come out and show their skill so their words could auctually hold water. There’s no point in accomendating a FG hermit who talks trash cause no one can put a face to them.

Well, to be fair, Mr. SNK has been on SRK for a long time. He was on SRK, back when it was a site for the actual players… not random spectators. To a lot of us, even though we know SRK is a joke now, it still holds a little bit of that stature, so when people see players talking shit, the natural response is still “play me”. There was a time when you really couldn’t talk shit about somebody, unless you could beat them. That time wasn’t THAT long ago.

As for overall interactions… yeah… I don’t see why there NEEDS to be interaction between real players, and whiny scrubs. The lines are open. If the random monsters want, they can go to tournaments. They are open. They accept anyone. If they don’t, then fuck it. SF is a hobby, for the vaaaaaaaaast majority of tournament players… not a job. People aren’t gonna take lessons in PR, so they can better relate to some prick that puts $0 into their pockets. Who gives a shit if you offend somebody?

You know what they say, “put your money where your mouth is”.

like the scrubs calling him out weren’t rude in the first place? fight fire with fire.

the community is made up of many types of people including keyboard warriors who can’t play worth a shit. While there are nice people out there, there are also many pricks. You just have to interact with your community as need be. If those mother fuckers are talking shit, let them know who’s boss. If someone is genuinely coming up to you with questions, there isn’t a real reason to be a super prick about it.

people who don’t go to tournaments should not be considered part of the community. they might think they are, but they aren’t.

Truest shit I’ve read on SRK in a minute. I really wish people would stop pretending spectators are “the scene”. If you make money from them, they have their place, but they aren’t actually a part of it. You don’t see me in the conference room for the NBA lock-out right now, just because I watched the Finals.

and on that note, this topic is done

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