Tournament Players as 2D Sprites!


Yeah so I had came up with an idea or whatnot. What if these pro tournament players (or well known tourney players) were sprites!? Here’s what I have so far.

Wolfkrone, Poongko, Daigo, Justin Wong, FlashMetroid, Mike Ross, Gootecks, Ricky Ortiz, Filipino Champ, Tokido, Alex Valle, Marn


That Gootecks one is sick.


these are very good!


Lol Gootecks and Ricky are godlike. Now it needs MarlinPie…


Damn! I had the same exact idea for a poster awhile back but I never finished, it was just a rough sketch. I also haven’t played mvc 3 or caught up with the tourney scene since that marlin doom combo so it’s probably outdated.


but the idea was to do an west vs east kinda thing in the style of MVC2. (Left side: Viscant, Fanatiq, Clockwork, Jwong, ShadyK, Combo, FC. Right side: forgot (lol, some dormammu player), Yipes, Marlinpie, NoelB, Chris G, winrich(lol), and Jago.)

But anyway, mad props on the quality work being done here! Really well done! I really need to look into making sprites myself.

Also, how crazy would it be if there were actually game where tourney fighters played as tourney fighters during a tournament based on the tournament they’re competing for. It would be so meta to the point where it would be broken by tiers unbreakable.


LOL! That might be a possibility if I get better with coding lol.


SO sick. Gootecks looks top tier.


Very nice work here


Poongko is way too tall. That dude is a midget.

The Gootecks one is amazing though.

Good job dude.


thanks! shall fix soon lol. (midget lol)


Pretty cool. My only criticism: how come Daigo is in Chun-Li’s stance? He should be in the shoto stance like Valle. Or even cooler would be the cross-armed, looking away Ryu win pose.

I especially like Mike Ross’s “come at me bro” Honda stance.


well it’s actually Yun’s stance, plus we already have a Ryu, Daigo might just have a mixture of both.


I hope you finish that man. Please do!


I’d say make one of me, but it’d probably end up looking like a mix between Big Boss and one of the guys from Mythbusters.


Wearing a shimapan on your head

Actually, please do that. I’ve never wanted to see anything more in my life


I’m maining Ricky Ortiz.


I decided to bring back the Bison Shock Troopers…


You can tell that street is the kind of block that would have an arcade on it, too.




This is really fun!!! I’m gonna enjoy working on this project