Tournament @ playsmart in Tacoma mall aug 10th


starts @ 4:00 for casuals and tournament starts @ around 5:30
fee is 15$(if we get a turnout of 20+ it will be bumped down to 10$)

System: Xbox 360

Tournament rules:
double elimination best of 3, championship game is best of 5(coming out of loser 2 sets of best of 5 to win)

calling button check is optional but strongly encouraged

pausing during a round u will forfeit the round

IMPORTANT: wen ur called up u have no more than 10 mins to show up or u will be disqualified, so if ur gonna hit the food court or take a smoke break please inform me or CBea, we really dont wanna have to do this

The pay structure now is 60$ for 1st, 20 for 2nd, and 15$ for 3rd
(it used to be 30$ for 1st 25$ for 2nd, and 20$ for 3rd)

also the company has bought multiple extension cables so we will have 5 screens total, wen the tournament starts 2 will be for tournament play and 3 will be for casuals thro out the entire event(for those who dont kno playsmart keeps all the xbox’s caged up behind the counter 4 safe keeping, they were entirely dependent on the wireless play, and spent about 300$ to do this for us, just to let u guys kno)

*BTW all negative comments will be ignored


$15 entry fee, $30 dollar first place last time? holy cow


@ Danny Pham i kno all bad,lol but hey its a work in progress and its gonna get better :slight_smile:


ill go when it gets better, but as of right now all they have to say is that its gonna get better every week to drag people out there so they can turn one hell of a good profit, when prizes and entree fee’s get fixed ill be there.


what good profit??(keep in mind it is a business,and the company is making a profit but barley i seen the numbers myslef) I mean just remember it is a work in progress, but they are far from banking off us, keep in mind people drop 10$-50$ there a day to play in the arcade


At least separate the pay out 70, 20, 10 percentage wise. 3rd and 2nd shouldn’t be getting paid that much. I say, split it.

1st= 60

2nd= 10

3rd= 5

I’ll come out to take 60. 30 wouldn’t even pay the gas to get down there :lame:


@Riki-oh thanks for the consideration on the pay structure(me and the manager were actually talking about that) but naw if u get 3rd then we @ least want u 2 get ur money back, we also were considering some kind of discount or added perks for people that are making a nice lil trip out there(we have people from PO that wanna come out too), only problem is u will have people that lie,lol


You guys should check the galaxy for gamers pay structure and format. Those tournaments were a hit at evo and set a very nice standard for quick tournament play.

People paid 5 to enter 4 man brackets. Players plaid a single elim set of first to 3. First got 20. . At the end of the day they had a 36 man bracket for an arcade stick and some cash. Pretty bad ass format if you ask me. If this place doesn’t capitalize on the idea, I might try to start running these tournaments at the dojo or at gameclucks. If I ran this it might be 10 to enter, first place would get 30 and second would get 10 or 10 to enter, first would get 30 and the business would get 10 per tournament :coffee:


@Riki-oh the thing about it is the venue has to get paid 1st because well, its there place, but the double elimination is the simplest and fastest way to get things running smoothly(we are doing this on a time limit) if ur gonna start a tournament then by all means im all for it, shit the more tournaments the better, u should still come thro and check it out tho, because this place is destined for greatness


a wise man once said, “If the horse is dead, get off”


PO? The only PO I know in this area is Port Orchard. If this is true, I didn’t even know there were players in Port Orchard. WTF hahah


I’m betting he meant Portland.

Either way Terrance, the problem stems from the management on PLAY not getting the following they need.

Personally, I explained this to another game store up here in Everett (NextLevel Games, nice place, good people): You need to simply eat the cost the first (Or two) times, that way you bring in a big enough crowd, then afterward, you can put up a “venue fee” after you get the number of people.

The point being:

Venue fee such as $10/head is as good as us going down to PLAY, paying for stations for our own time, then running our own tournament there without their help.

They need to:
-Find out the negative, positive, and breaking even amount for letting us play there
-Determine how many people need to pay and how much based on their last few attendances
-STICK to that venue fee, and close up shop if the attendance doesn’t stay consistent *

*The reason for this is because there will be times when you get more people than necessary to break even, and then they will be making profit. They also can 1. Give free T-shirts for their own advertising and 2. Consider possible sponsorships to the best player(s) who will be attending large events to get more advertising.

Yeah, I have a lot of experience in this field, but can’t wait for my 1st time at PLAY.


@jalapNo I have alot of experience in this field to bro lol, but naw the pay structure has changed


Then what’s the new pay structure? Once again like on Dustloop you’re coming off like a used car salesmen not giving all the info.


This sounds kind of interesting. Maybe ill come check this out.


How so?

Ummm, how did you fix it?



The Pay structure has changed to

60$ for 1st
20$for 2nd
15$ for 3rd
and dont forget, if the turnout is 20+ people then the entry fee is knocked down to 10$

PS i was drunk as shit last night and forgot to update the change, srry bout that,lol


The Pay structure has changed to

60$ for 1st
20$for 2nd
15$ for 3rd
and dont forget, if the turnout is 20+ people then the entry fee is knocked down to 10$

PS i was drunk as shit last night and forgot to update the change, srry bout that,lol


@Lord_Raptor and damnit stop calling me a car salesman because i DONT get paid for this,lol


Yeah, won’t be able to make it tomorrow, I’ve got a ton of things to square away before it becomes too late.

Next time maybe.