Tournament Promoters and venues to avoid!


With the popularity of SF4 there’s been a sudden influx of scammers trying to make a quick buck. Whether they’re advertising a certain prize for the winner and not paying out, or they are just running all around shady operations, nobody wants to get scammed. This thread is to help make sure everybody knows which promoters to trust and which not to. I’ll edit the list when appropriate so be sure to let me know if you got scammed, who the person is, and how it happened, in this thread. Lets keep these people out of our community.

**Because of recent event’s I’ve decided to change the way this page works. I’m going to add stipulations to this so that if tournament promoters and event coordinators can be removed from the list and redeem themselves. I’m also setting up a stricter rule set for adding promoters to the list. **

Rules for being taken off the list -

**You must send me a message with a request for removal and evidence supporting that request - **

**If a promoter wants to be removed from the list they must provide us with evidence that they have run two events in which the problems they have had in the past did not occur. This means that if a promoter runs an event in which some money got mixed up and wasn’t paid out to the winner but they run two later events in which everything runs perfectly they can be taken off the list if they provide evidence from attendee’s that there were absolutely no shady dealings going on. BUT if that promoter at a later time again has issues with payouts and is put back on that list that is PERMANENT! They will never be taken off the list. And I can guarantee you will have issues with attendance from that point on. **

Stipulations for Being added to the list - I will edit this list as appropriate

Each of these stipulations must have some kind of evidence backing it up if a promoter or organizer is to be added to the list. I will not add anyone to the list on baseless claims. If someone claims they were not paid what they are owed that IS evidence so far as I am concerned but if a promoter can provide evidence otherwise than they will be removed from the list.

  • Has promised a certain prize and not delivered it
  • Has promised a certain cash payout and not delivered it
  • Money from the pot has disappeared with no explanation
  • Workers who have been promised money were not paid
  • Venues who were promised money have not been paid
  • Tournaments were canceled without warning ( Meaning people showed up to an event that the promoter had not announced was off. Obviously emergencies do not count.)
  • Obviously shady dealings. (EX: Allowing losers bracket buybacks that do not go towards the pot, Removing players from qualifying teams without that players request, tying women to chairs and robbing them at gunpoint.)

Tournament Promoters
GPX Gaming - Florida -,
Game Wars - Florida -
NYPWND - New York -
Planet Zero - Texas -,
John Keough - MA -
BLANKA707 - Nor Cal -,,,
Todd Greene/VSA - Florida -
KOOPA1981 - Texas -,,,,

Venues to avoid

Game Table - New York/Long Island -
**The Wyndham Hotel and Resort Little Rock ** - Arkansas -
Hangar Athletics League (HAX) - CA -

Springfield, MA - Tournament Saturday, April 13 at 1:00pm

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NYPWD shame on you


Wow that is some pretty shady shit.

If we’re going to sticky this, I’d change the title to Tournament Events and Promoters to avoid! The current title almost sounds like a positive thing. “Tournament Promoters to look out for”


haha. Yeah you’re right. It could be misinterpreted. I don’t know if I can edit a title though. Do I have to ask a mod to change it?


When you edit your post click " Go ADvanced" and you can change the title.


Oh this thread will require some popcorn.


Can we throw anybody under this bus in this thread? There is a former promoter down where I’m from that the community has pretty much already turned against for shady bullshit. His tournaments are defunct now but they still pop up once in a blue moon.



Warn the people of the frauds sir. We as a community needs to know who are the scammers and who are the good guys.:wonder:


In the case of the shady tournament that Sabin won, always look for a tournament organizer to lay out how much a tournament costs with the ENTIRE breakdown. Most tournaments here already tell you the venue fee + entree fee, but when they don’t, that should be a red flag.

Whenever they guarantee something like $500 on top, there is always an entree limit attached to it, whether they tell you or not.


Word. As a tournament organizer myself seeing shit like this go down really pisses me off. I know you definitly know what I’m talking about running FR and all.

Like I said this guys tournaments aren’t running anymore so no need to go ape shit on this but I did here that he runs an anime convention now in which he does a tournament for fighting games on the inside. Uploaded is the name stay away from anything with that name from south tx. Like I said it died after I called out the guy and the community stood up but I did see one pop up a month ago which all our players blew off so for now no worries.

Do not get this one confused with the other premiere tournament that is thrown down here we are not affiliated at all.



Pretty much list anyone who puts together shady dealings within the SF community. Even if it’s rare that they hold tournaments anymore it’s still better to list it so that those who are new to the scene have the information they need to avoid getting screwed.


dam im new to the forums here. thanks for the info bis.


Everyone is not to be trusted.


So far this is only NY tournament promoters listed. But I want this to be a list of all the shady promoters from all over. Just send me the info and what happened and I’ll amend the list as needed.


I think every player should give every TO one chance to do a good job but if they screw up after that then screw’em. I think it’s too close minded to think everybody is the same just because of a couple of bad experiences.


dats some krazy stuff…will be on the look out…


planet zero is a given from what i have read/heard


I need some info about Planet Zero before I add them to the list.


DiZe LAN Center just swindled Watts/Valle/Ken I out of 40% of the pot



The fucker has been hiding like a little faggot too.