Tournament Question


Hello all, first post here on SRK and I had a question about tournaments. I use an xbox 360 controller to play currently (will eventually switch to stick) and it seems that most places that have tourneys use a ps3 setup. Im thinking of maybe going to evo this year but if I can’t use the 360 controller there’d really be no point to going. I’ve seen that there are converters that let you use the controller on a ps3 but ive also heard that it makes it have input lag. Is there really any solution to this other than dual modding?


I can’t think of any good 360 -> PS3 converters off of the top of my head. However it is possible to dual mod a 360 controller (with a SMD Dual Strike PCB - see this post for an image) - you might want to look into that.

There’s a decent amount of soldering involved with that though, so you might want to get someone to do it for you.


Dual modding is a good option…or just get a PS3 arcade stick.


I easily modded my stick with one of those solderless Akishop PS360 boards, and I’m a total stick-modding scrub. I’d recommend it.


Dual modding a controller or learning to play on both controllers are your options.

Or I guess only go to xbox 360 tournaments but, that seems rather limiting.

Your situation is one of the reasons I always recommend playing on stick.


I agree. You’re better off putting the money for a converter towards a stick and a dual mod.

  1. Buy a 360 stick.
  2. Go to this thread in Tech Talk
  3. ???
  4. Profit


buy a joystick & dual mod it.