Tournament Rankings: How to determine which coast is better

Ok, so theres the age old question of which coast/region has the better player and its just a “so and so said such and such” argument, there’s never been a number assigned to it.

Basically, I’m thinking that MAJORs adopt a sweepstakes weight system on the placings for each event so we can determine which side has the better/more consistent players.

Give each placing in each event a point based on the rank: I.E. You have 8 players -
1st place is worth 8 points, 2nd place worth 7, 3rd place worth 6 and so on and so forth.

At the end of the tournament, you tally up the scores and divide them into their respective regions, i’ll use the Final Round results as an example:
In SF4:
1st Justin Wong(East Coast) - 8pts
2nd Gootecks(West Coast) - 7pts
3rd Iloveu(East Coast) - 6pts
5th Mike Ross (West Coast) - 5pts
5th Eric Valencia “EXIST”(Midwest) - 5pts
7th citiofbrass(East Cost) - 2pts
7th Kensou (South) - 2pts

If you were to tally it up: East Coast - 16, West Coast - 12, Midwest - 5, South -2

And you could add in the results for ALL the events to see how each overall region did to see which did better. Or you could only add in the ones you feel matter. And if you only wanted to see how the sides stack up in ONE event, then you can give weight to every placing and just tally it up from there.

I think its a good way to see how strong certain areas are in certain games and it could just further the shit talkin’ debates :slight_smile:

Was just wondering why no one has really done this yet… we used to do this for highschool debate tournaments.

Outside of Wong, the west coast has always been better at vanilla SF.

Do SNK Games count?? :lovin: :lol:

I’m repping that SOUTH COAST HARDCORE!


I think only the first place winner should get points because brackets can be setup so an entire coast eliminates itself except for the one top player.

Regional 5v5 is a much better option because each region has the same number of participants.

If East Coast enters 5 people, West Coast enters 50, and Midwest enters 20…because the tournament is held on the West Coast, wouldn’t there be a potentially better chance for a West based player to make the top 8 or whatever.

And even if 5 East Coast players in that scenario all place in the top 20 of 75, the total points system of all 75 players might allows the West Coast and even Midwest to beat the East Coast team in total points.

5v5, only way to go.

Well it wouldn’t be a system adopted for all tournaments. I could see something like this at EVO, where there is a balance of all the tops.

And it wouldn’t matter, The points are based on top 8, even if there are more of a certain region players than there are somewhere else, if they arent good-that side doesnt get points.