Tournament Report Oct. 2001-Nov. 2002

Tips & Tricks magazine used to have an article every month called “Tournament Report,” in which they covered major tournaments and ranked players. I was looking through these last night and decided to share them. :wgrin:

October 2001

January 2002
February 2002**
March 2002**
April 2002**
May 2002**
June 2002**
July 2002**
August 2002**
September 2002**
October 2002**
November 2002**

I like how long I managed to hang onto the top 10 rankings in Marvel when I had clearly started slipping. Wilson was the homie though and always stuck up for me. Good times.

–Jay Snyder

Ah, I miss those days of Tips and Tricks. I would always go straight to the tournament section to keep up with the monthly results. Good shit. Just looking at those pics bring a tear to my eye. Dudes posing IN A FUCKING ARCADE!!! Ah, many memories.

EDIT - OH SHIT! I’m looking at April’s page and I remember the fucking Tekken 4 regionals that year. Wow. This is definitely taking it back. Everyone at CF was pissed because some dude from Virginia won. Which was expected. Virginia does have a pretty good Tekken scene.

I pretty much stopped buying Tips and Trick once they no longer ran that section. I guess the Japan report is still pretty cool, rest of the mag sucks imo.

Thanks for the scans though I threw out all those old issues like two moves ago.

me too

What is this?
SF3: 3rd Strike with 70 entrants?!

Unpossible! SRK has always told me that nobody played 3rd Strike before Evo 2004!

cool that somebody brought this up. i used to buy these and keep up with tourneys back when the section was still active. i used to think that this “Justin Wong” guy must’ve been some kind of super-beast (although he actually is, lol).

Definetely a blast from the past. Thanks for sharing. Damn I relieved my younger days for a moment when I read that shit for sure. :lovin:

it’s nto a complete set though, can anyone fill in the gaps?

That is some awesome stuff!

Wow memory lane…

haha, that’s so awesome. thanks for this OP, i know there’s more of em out there though. for any local heads there’s one of eric v when marvel first came out, the “king of springfield mall”. i wonder who sent in that description:rofl:

haha there i am lol. fucking jason beating me in a3. i still wont ever live that down =) <3

Oh man, I remember that October 2001 Wizzards tourney. That was my first tournament! I think I got 9th. So awesome to see that again.

Wow, dogface played A3, I thought he only played XMvSF exclusively. Lol, crazy how you learn something new everyday. At least for me it is.

This shit is so nostalgic… these sections were the only reason I was so psyched as a kid to go grocery shopping with my parents. Just chill at the magazines section and read that shit up.

i remember going to svgl to watch these tournaments as a high school kid. picked up fighting games soon after. long live (whats left of) arcades.

thanks for scans.

I really should dig up soem of my old Tips & Tricks and see what kind of tourney coverage is in there. I remember they used to post rankings all the time.

Posted on EventHubs. Much better organized.

Wayyy too sick, man. :smile: