Tournament results for Completely Free, held @ Quakecon 8/14/2010

Also known as the Super Dark Series cause they didn’t have any lights on in there.

Super Street Fighter 4:

BlazBlue Continuum Shift:

Tekken 6:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

Soul Calibur 4:

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Marvel vs Capcom 2:

Congratulations to the winners and I hope people enjoyed themselves despite the difficulties!

We split the prize pot, we never played our match =/


GGs to Hsien, Buktooth in 3s, and Genius we had a close match.

lol @ deviljim

One of those ? in SC4 is me, they deleted me from the bracket on accident.

GGS to Pozerwolf and Hsien in BBCS, Double Ragna Penetration, back to back, to my brain hurts a tad.
GGs to anyone else I played in anything as well lol.

I can’t believe that mess. LOL! I lost my first round, and so did my friend Acidburn, but my friend Lando B, won his first two matches. It was so disorganized and we were so tired, that we crashed out and never played another match. Im tied for 49th, Lando (who won 2 matches) landed 65, and my other friend landed last. Im glad they brought everything out, cause we had alot of fun on casuals, but the tournaments were a hot mess. I hope they come back next year and have learned from this one. BTW, Wolfwood and his staff were super nice, especially considering all the long hours they put in with no hotel room, no lights, and a ton of players to deal with. I just wanted to give them some applause, because they definitely earned it.

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we are featured at 2:28 to 3:22