Tournament Rules about Mid-Bosses


Hi everyone!

A tournament is going to take palce this weekend here, but they want to allow the use of Evil Ryu and Riot Iori. Are there any good arguments to convice the organization that this is not a good idea? (I had to convince them previously of not allowing Shin Gouki and God Rugal). I think that Riot Iori is completely better than normal Iori, but how about Evil Ryu?

Thanks for the help!


They aren’t normally allowed in tournaments. Evil Ryu isn’t very buff, nor is Orochi Iori.


I know, but they insist on wanting to be “different”. What is the reason of why are they banned in regular tournaments?


They are not accessible in the arcade, which gives a disadvantage to those who only have access to the game at arcades.

That is the primary reason why they are banned.
To my knowledge, Ratio 4 Orochi Iori and Ratio 4 Evil Ryu weren’t banned in CvS1 tournaments because they WERE accessible in the arcade versions of that game. It was just kind of a soft-ban…in that no one would take you seriously if you really picked one of them.


Tell that to Choi - I remember some nasty r4 E.Ryu and Akuma in a couple CvS1 tournaments. I think it was Choi anyways.


I say just let them use the evil characters, they take damage worse than little girls and their advantages aren’t that great when you have JD/Parry, RC…blocking…to diffuse their tricks.

Oh yeah, just make sure John doesn’t fly to Chile and use them, that would suck for you guys.


I thought it was cus tournament directors were supersticious and using ‘evil’ characters calls bad joojoo onto the tournament. Just tell them to sacrifice a chicken afterwards and it should be np.


Why? His nasty R4 Evil Ryu that Onikage talks about also works on CvS2? Vids or it didn’t happen!


evil iori should be allowed at evo


Well, they were actually decent in CvS1.
I didn’t mean “no one would take you seriously” in that they weren’t good characters, but that they’re looked as so “cheap” in that getting wins with them wouldn’t garner you any props.


CvS1 Evil Ryu > CvS2 Evil Ryu?



CvS2 E. Ryu has Metsu Hadouken, but Ryu (and E. Ryu) benefitted from the CvS1 system far better. Sweep --> Super FTW.


i like evil ryu. he recovers from jab fireballs quick. why are the evil characters banned anyways? they suck. alot.


theyre all actually really good

evil ryu is technically difficult to use to full potential though (tigerknee towards hurricanes), but just having that crazy good fireball, easy link into sweep xx hurricane, dive kick, hop kick and raging demon are all buff


really? their life points are so low though. c.fierce does a ton of damage to godrugal/shinakuma