Tournament Section is Messy?

Hello guys, i am new to the site, here mainly to promote our event, the Caribbean Video X Games, which we intend to make an international event rather than just the regional one it has grown too. We think we offer a unique gaming experience: discounted fares and hotel to come to the Caribbean to compete with gamers for attracive prizes.

Anyway, problem is i go to the tournament section and my god, the calender is a mess! I go to see July 13th, which is the date we have a tournament, and it seems some guy has posted his event on that day 43 times!

I just wonder how this is being monitored, and how worth it in your opinion it is to post tournaments at this site. Its a very informative site, dont get me wrong, i just think the tournament section is very hard to follow, unless i am missing something.

Also, i notice some tournaments are stickied. How does one gain such a privelege?

Near the end of my run as a TO I realized the event subforum is worthless to me unless I’m running a major. Anything that doesn’t attract people from out of state gets buried instantly and pretty much makes it useless as a tool to advertise your event. I haven’t even looked at that section in over a year when I used to frequent it as much as any other section.

Last time I used that forum though there was a sticky that listed all the requirements to get your event stickied. I’d try to find it for you but like I said its a mess. I don’t even wanna try. It does sound like you are planning a big enough event that it will be worth it for you to post it there though.

Thanks. I have not been able to find anything about how to get a major tournament stickied. Judging by the other tournaments i see, they seem just some pot-splits etc, whereas we offer gauranteed cash minimum prizes, and we also offer great travel prices and packages to St. Maarten. It’s like the gamer’s vacation, come to the islands to enjoy it but also enjoy gaming, perfect combo :wink:

But, i mean i want people here to know about it, but i just not sure how to start… Thanks for the advice though, i’ll keep looking around. Any more advice is really welcome!

Moving this over to the feedback section. The powers that be are more likely to see/respond to your feedback there. The newbie dojo is for game play questions. Thanks.