Tournament software for mac users

I’ve searched these forums and haven’t found what I’m looking for so hopefully somebody can help me out. I’m looking for a tournament program to run on new MacBook Pro. I used to run Tio on my old laptop but it’s not compatible with OSX. I don’t want to install windows on my new Mac cuz thats just hella gross. Anyone have any suggestions? I prefer something offline not online. Thanks in advance.

Haven’t found a great one myself; unfortunately, CrossOver/CrossOver Games doesn’t run tio correctly (I think it’s due to the .NET framework used), so right now, my solution is using the free VirtualBox to create a Windows Virtual Machine (use XP or 2000, as they’re significantly lighter weight than Vista/Win7), which you can then run tio in. It’s overkill, but it gives you a full-featured copy of tio (and anything else you need that’s Windows exclusive). Note that this is running a completely secondary OS in an emulation layer on your computer; as such, it’s gonna cause slowdown for whatever you do in OS X while it’s running, and it won’t be as fast as running Windows alone in a dual-boot situation. Luckily, most MacBook Pro’s are beefy enough to run it pretty smoothly, and tio isn’t exactly a highly intensive program. Still, if you were planning on using the computer for, say, HD streaming and running the bracket, and you’re not on one of the higher end MBP’s, you may find yourself disappointed. Test it all before the day of the tournament!

Another idea is to simply use your old laptop for tio. I used a netbook exclusively for this purpose at an event I was helping with, as I didn’t want VBox to affect my HD capture, and it was a great idea – didn’t have to worry about any conflicts, and somebody else could manage the bracket while I worked on the capture computer.

I’m seriously tempted to throw together a basic bracket program myself, just so that the community could have a cross-platform, easy to use solution. tio’s great software, but the platform limitation kinda sucks. A good, extensible, Open Source alternative can only be a good thing, I figure.


Damn so theres nothing out there huh -_-. My old laptop busted so I can’t use it anymore. Also running another OS just seems like too much work and I’ve heard it creates some lag on OSX. You should definitely create a program if you have the skills and time. I know the community would appreciate it and I know there are plenty of others looking for a program as well.

I got the solution.


Back on topic yeah I 2nd that underwing, if you what it takes im sure there are many out there outside of just srk that would have great use for it.

quick side note which is the popular one that people use for windows to stream tournaments. been trying to figure out gave it a good google to. if anyone knows or has a link to a tut much appreciated.

Well i have answered my own / your question you want to get wirecast