Tournament Software wanted


Hi, I’m arranging a small tournament of 8-players. Rules will be evo-style, with losers brackets and possibly seedings. Is there any nice software out there that can do random bracketmaking, can process results and visualize the proceedings?

online would be great, offline is okay.

Example: ""
Is from: “SF4 Tourney, 9/13 Sunday 8PM EST (5PM PST)

Once you have entered the players you can switch their positions.
You can choose winner and that one will advance in the bracket.
Or you can choose a BYE to advance the player.

We used a lot of BYES here because people did not show up:


Yes ty, I have been googling and that was the first hit. It works for what I want to do, but somehow I would like it to be just a little more flashy. Like Flash :slight_smile: Colorful, easy to read.

But that’s fine for now.