Tournament software?


This is a question for the Evo staff. What tournament software do you people use? I’m getting sick and tired of ALJ Tournament Maker. It crashes if you want to run more than 3 games at once! And god forbid you need to move someone through a bracket. The seeding also NEVER works. I’ve basically been creating the bracket on ALJ and printing it out, but I’d like something a little bit more professional that can speed things up at events. If you guys would be willing to tell me via PM, or post it up, that would be much appreciated!


I have the same issues with Tournament maker. ive had it not add people to the brackets it causes things to get messed up if I dont realize the person was dropped until later. Id also like to know what program the Evo staff uses.


I’m not sure what is used in Evolution for tournaments, but I’ve found the program Tio to be a great asset when it comes to running tournaments ( It works for many different games and is very user friendly. I hope its helpful!


Yeah, I’ve also been using TIO with success.


To answer the original question, Evo used a program called “Big Cardboard Brackets that you write on”.


Wow thats crazy I use its sister program called “Big Laminated Thick Paper Brackets that you write on”.

Got 8 printed for a tournament I hosted and 2 got ruined cause some guy who wasn’t even staff decided to write the bracket portion he just finished and the fucker did it in Permanent Marker instead of the dry erase ones I had.



tony cannon wrote the evo software.


Yea that’s what I thought. It looked rather custom with the projector matches generating one after the other. Any chance he’d sell it? Haha. I’ll check out TIO, thanks for the suggestions guys!

There’s also which is web based, but I’m sure it’s printable.