Tournament soon in the Florin Rd area


I have the green light from the owner of Sharky’s Billiards to host tournaments at this location. My buddy is also a manager there and willing to bring his tv there for a total of 3 tvs depending how busy it is once its all organized. Im starting a group on facebook for the location and we will be doing Black Ops, MvC2, and SSF4 tounaments there. Respond if interested and either post or pm me your fb ids and ill add you guys to the group…


Damn I wrote a long post but it didn’t post so ill keep it short.
No early start times you will get less ppl.
Wich system are we playing on.
Post date asap when you get one.
No hdtvs cus they lag.
Make sure whoever is running the bracket knows what they are doing.
How much is it gonna cost to play in the tournament and how will the prize money be split up between top 3?
Also try not to make the tourney date on the same day as another tourney
Ill most likely be showing up and ill spread the word as much as I can but the cats that play are hesitant on going to ppls tournaments that they don’t know so try to make a good impression run a smooth and timely turny and you should be good.good luck and hope to see updates soon


Thanks for the info, never really knew that the hdtv lag was a huge factor but the tvs there are hdtv but we run hdmi cables only if thats any help. Im not to up on the whole thing as far as that goes. I can fully understand the whole hesitation on others wanting to participate in an unknown person’s events. If anyone wants to drop by talk to me, one of the managers or even the owner let me know. Im in it solely for bringing new players together and stepping my game up in a friendly environment. If you ever want to swing by im usually there on these days, Sun, Mon, Tues Thurs. Definitely contact me and we could always meet up there.


Do not use HDTVs. Saying things like “well maybe HDMI cables will help” has already hurt your cause. It’s ok though, you’re just starting out. If you don’t want to read up on the technical issues and whatnot then just keep it simple: Use CRT TVs only. Decide on ONE system and stick with it, no xbox/ps3 hybrid tournies as that causes tons of hassle for no good reason.

Post your continuing efforts in the relevant threads to get more eyeballs noticing what you’re trying to do for the community. There’s a sacramento thread somewhere around here if you look hard enough.


All info is well taken, I have done more research and see crt is the way to go. I can get a hold of crts easily to start the tournaments but all input is taken will good intentions. Im sure we can do SSF4, MvC2 and Tekken here as i have 2 of the games and another person that is up for the tournaments can provide Tekken if people want to do that…I can probably have 2-3 ps3s running easily, right now I’m just getting information and if anyone wants to co-host with me I have the place locked down.Thanks for all the input and responses it’s well taken. Fighting games will be crt tvs onlyor computer monitors with speakers…


Chiming in - I got your PM. My name is Romeo and I’d be glad to participate and help out if I am free on the date.

Some things to consider -

[]Stay connected with the player base in the Sacramento thread here. Post any events, news, notices, and updates there, and also periodically check to see what’s going on.
]Lag is a gigantic factor in the playability of fighting games. Use CRT TVs if you can, and if you need help on additional consoles or TVs/monitors, let us know. I’m willing to help out with a lagless monitor or two and a console and I’m sure others would be willing to help out as well.
[]One console only - no mixed console business (ie, PS3 and XBox360). I’ll tell you right now that the majority of current tournament players in Sacramento play on PS3s, so keep that in mind if you ever plan on having additional stations running.
]Familiarize yourself with rules and standards for the games you’re running.
[*]Know that the players are the reason you have a tournament in the first place and make them your priority.
Set a date, post a link in the Sac thread, and let me know if you need any assistance. If I am free, I will attend. I’ll PM you my phone number.

Good luck!