Tournament stick PS3/PS2 help please

Hi Everyone

Ive recently got a tournament stick for the PS3, I love the stick but for some reason it doesnt work on PS2 games (or I cant get it to work) ive got firmwire 2.7 Any ideas please as im very disappointed that I cant play marvel vs capcom with my nice new fight stick


Thinking about it has anyone else got a tournement stick and a 60gig PS3 if so can they they get it work on PS2 games? For some reason it just doesnt see the stick when a PS2 game is booted, do you think this latest firmwire update might have something to do with it?

Sorry to break this to ya bud… The TE is not backwards compatible with PS2 games (for some damn reason) at all. It’s been like that since before release, so no, it’s not the firmware.

Cheers for the reply and thats rubbish, why wouldnt it be backwards compatible! Seems daft that, oh well never mind!

Why dosn’t it work with PS2 Games??

I want to know the answer also

It is a big let down that they dont work on PS2 games, I do wonder why this is I cant see any reason why!