Tournament Stick S turbo speeds on PS3

Does anyone have a video that they can upload showing how fast the turbo lights light up on the tournament stick S? Reason I’m asking is they light up relatively slow on mine compared to my other fightstick, and I’m not sure if the stick is faulty from the manufacturer. Anyone have a video showing how fast they light up?

Thanks in advance.

OK so I just tested my controllers on my brothers ps3 and he has a regular TE stick version 1 and we found out that all things identical (tv, ps3, cables etc.) the controllers turbo speeds are not equal. The lights on his are WAY faster than my TEs, so I will be contacting Mad Catz Tech Support tomorrow to try to get this remedied. The response time on my sticks (regualr FS and TEs) were the problem the whole time. I just didn’t think it was my controllers since I had two of them that acted identical. Boy was I wrong. They must skip out on Quality Control over there. =(

S uses an updated PCB that’s different from the previous models.

That said, turbo is a non-issue. Any serious player shouldn’t even touch it.

So the complaint is the Turbo light flashes faster or slower on a TE-S over a Round 1 TE?
Both models uses completely different boards. with that said why are you even using Turbo any ways?

I have owned 3 sticks but this was the first TEs version that I purchased for the ps3. It felt like the timing or response was way off compared to the original TE and standard FS. so I did a test and visited my bro who gas the original TE on the ps3. His turbos were way faster, and when I used mine for testing the lights were way slower and wouldn’t combo hits like his TE would. I know the previous poster adv it uses a diff PCB. Is this what is causing the issue? I have a video if there’s a way that I can post it here showing u all. Should I
Contact madcatz for a new stick or is this just the way the TEs sticks are?

Here’s a link to a video I took on my iPhone:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Sorry for the quality in advance. Any feedback is appreciated.

really? turbos? um all i can say is its the pcb is different. are you using turbos so you can land combos? or is this some sort of experiment?

Here’s a link to a video I took on my phone:

Let me know if this is normal on the TEs and any feedback is appreciated.

That’s just the way they are.

Turbos are a non-issue.

The feature is only in to “fill a checkbox in a featurelist” so to speak. No serious player uses turbo.

It’s an experiment bc I think the response time on my controller is messed up or slower than my bros original TE. That’s what led me to conduct these experiments.

What TV are you testing it on?

I know no serious player uses turbos, but as an example on RYU trial 21 the ex dash cancels are easily dobe with turbo on his where as on my TEs there’s no way the buttons respond fast enough to ex cancel after the mp. Clearly a difference in the controller response time. Can anyone confirm this that the turbos are slower on the TEs than on the TE reg stick?

50" panasonic. But the tv isn’t the issue bc his stick works on combos using the turbos whereas my TEs doesn’t all things held equal. And yesi tried using my TEs on a 32" samsung and it still wouldn’t combo using turbos whereas the reg TE does even on a 50" tv. I think my controller is the issue.

At this point, it’s safe to say that nobody knows since no one here actually cares enough to test this. In fact, when dual modding, turbo is usually the first (and only) function to go.

I think your best bet is to let this one go. If you are using turbo actually to play and make combos easier, just trade the te-s for a round 1. Turbo is a useless function. They only time ive used it is when me and my friend have the greatest HDR honda mirrors ever…hundred hands for daaaaaaaaaaaaays lol

You guys hate on turbo too much. Hell, I use turbo for everything BUT fighting games. Ever play Castle Crashers with Turbo? You hos need to start experimenting.

And perhaps the MS mic port.

SRK hating on turbo isn’t new, turbo has always been the bane of serious players since turbo was born. I remembered back in the NES era that turbo was baned from casually playing multi-player games. That and back in the day slow or turbo would actually bug a game and cause it or the controller to “freeze up”

Turbo is more dick that 8 buttons is

So can anyone with a TEs confirm that the turbo speeds are the same as mine? Then I’ll let it go. U all gave been great so far. Appreciate your help in advance.

So can anyone with a TEs confirm that the turbo speeds are the same as mine? Then I’ll let it go. U all gave been great so far. Appreciate your help in advance. Anyone?