Tournament Stick Tension

Tonight my fightstick suddenly felt really loose after a few matches. It registers all directions fine and it seems to spring back ok. It just seems much than it was. It this something that came loose, or do I have to replace the JLF already?

TE or SE?

TE Stick. I’ve only had it for about 2 weeks.

You broke it in, popped her cherry. Happens to all movable parts in all machinery. I wouldn’t sweat it. If anything, remove the e-clip and add another spring under the actuator.

Speaking of, I’m nearly positive I’m going to be adding another spring before day1 of using it. The question is, do I get another Sanwa spring or the Seimitsu as in the Ultimate mod?

Each is different. Personally, I use 2 LS-33 springs. Some use a JLF spring combined with an LS-32 spring. Luckily, springs are pretty cheap, so buy a few and experiment until you find a tension you like.

What spring will add more tension, the LS-32, LS-33 or stock JLF spring? And whats the advantage of multiple springs? Seems to me like one larger spring would be just as good, but then again, I’m waiting on parts to experiment myself.

go to home depot. the sprigs fit perfect with just a little cutting here and there, no need to double spring,tension feels great aswell.

Good idea, what do I look for when I go there? Just find the spring to my liking?

Ahh, thanks guys. Thought I had broke it. If possible could you give me a rundown on price, installation, and tension between the types?

Which ones should I be looking for there? I searched around and haven’t found any other info on this. Looks like this is my only option to get something quick. All the links you guys have for joystick parts are currently backordered till April.

What isle did you find that in? I could imagine alot of blank stares if I ask one of the Home Depot reps.

I’d like to know the answer the answer to this question as well. Went there yesterday and got tired of looking :wasted:

I actually found some at a local general hardware store mixed in with the screw/washer bins… Fit perfect and feel good so far… No idea how reliable they’ll be in the long run, but it’s much better than it was.