Tournament story + Tip

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been reading on shoryuken fourms for a while now. Never really posted anything and I just registered today to tell you guys my experience in my first tournament.

Well I’m an Akuma player from United Arab Emirates. as you know the sf community here isnt that big. We have a small scene here and we try to bring everyone together, the regulars in the scence are around 10-15 people. The rest of the guys are spread out in other states if you may call them that. Anyhow, here goes.

I got matched with a balrog player, he was above average skill. I played the first round perfectly and got a perfect on him. 2nd round was alright. As soon as I finished the 1st game out of 3, I looked behind me (Big mistake) and saw like 20 guys watching and cheering me on. Here the sh*t hit the fan I freaked out and started jumping and DF all over the place,my hands were shaking like crazy and I couldn’t even do the simplest combos that I can normally do with my eyes closed. My game was soo screwed that everyone behind had these eyes >> O_O lol. It was a bo3 as I said earlier, it ended up being 2-1 to him. I went to the losers bracket and got matched with this really good M.Bison player (Dictator) that played a couple matches with Tokido. The only match-up I dont know is bison since no one here plays him. I tryed to use headphones and just focus on the game, I put on some random music on my iphone and it turned out really good. The headphones worked great for me, they kept me from getting nervous and kept my game going smoothly. The guy beat me 2-1 clean. The tournament was a success considering it was done here and arranged in less than a week. If your new to the tournament scene use headphones and pop some music in there it really helps. I got destroyed this time, but next time I’ll hopefully do better and bring some videos with me for your entertainment. Peace out.

Sorry for my crappy english, 2nd language and all :p.

Oh, the winner of the tournament was a friend of Latif the viper player. They were planning on entering evo together but he had to come home 3 days before evo started. You can find some of his games vs tokido on youtube, look-up Guile disaster.

While this may be true for some people its not for everyone I personally took headphones to my first tourney but I never used them I love the sound of tourney chatter that clacking of buttons it fuels me so what im saying is go to the tourney play a match with them on play a match with them off then decide what you like.

That’s true. I hate how nervous I got, I lost to a guy I’m 10 times better than and I owe it all to my crapy nerves. Every single guy I play with expected I’d make it to at least top 4.