Tournament Streams SHOULD cost $$$ on Twitch - yes!

Hear me out!<br>
Idea: Each Tournament Stream costs $1.00 per account viewable all paid
to the Streamer himself w a 5%-10% monthly pay out to twitch (Rough
Streamers are ALWAYS expected but never respected (old csz reference <img src=“” class=“mceSmilie” alt=":)" title=“Smile :)”>
) Anyway, for example itd make me happy to know if Phil (9.95) for his
500 + viewers received $1.00 per viewer. Streamers have the duty that
they take upon themselves to purchase hundreds upon hundreds of dollars
for equipment and have to set it up, break it down, lug it around,
replace parts, etc. This isnt fun for us or anyone but its always
bitched upon when a stream isnt there.<br>
This is not for casual streams only for Majors, Evo, MLGs, IPLs etc etc
etc. And again its a dollar you bums. 2000 viewers for a major and its
community could be huge.<br>
How it could work:<br>

  1. User signs up on twitch<br>
  2. Links Paypal or credit card to his/her account<br>
  3. When going to a tournament stream clicks “Order” and a $1.00 charge
    is charged once to view the stream for the tourney’s entire duration. If
    for any reason stream is terrible and cannot finish due to poor
    connection then all users $ is refunded.<br>
  4. Only one $1.00 charge per 24 hours per credit card/paypal account to avoid duplicate accounts.<br>
    <ul><li>Pays the Streamer for his/her hardwork</li></ul><ul><li>Promotes better quality of stream (idea of reinvesting into ones product and service)</li></ul><ul><li>Will Remove 90% of trolling and fake accounts</li></ul><ul><li>Removes ads possibly</li></ul><ul><li>More Enjoyable stream all together </li></ul> <br>
    <ul><li>Costs a $1.00 (lol)</li></ul><ul><li>Some people do not have a paypal or credit card (This is a piss poor
    excuse because most of you who dont have something called parents that
    give you more than $1.00 for school, purchases, etc etc etc. This is a
    piss poor excuse…Plus ive had a debit card since I was 16 so no
    reason you cant either. Grow up)</li></ul> <br>
    Thoughts? If something like this exists let me know because Id love to
    steer our community and all the FGCs into this direction. Makes no sense
    why one or two people should bust their asses off only to have their
    stream decimated by trolls and idiots. You can troll the new system
    depending on how much $ and credit cards u have lol.


Imagine how much this could help the overall economics of FGCs.<br>
If i made $ for example streaming I would be more inclined to put the $
back into the community by buying new equipment, helping more players,
running more events. Etc<br>
At worse we’re talking about at the very most you might order ($1.00 per) 4-5 streams a month. AGAIN ALL MAJORS not casuals.<br>
BTW do not use “i dont have a credit card” Well do you have cash? Go buy
a visa gift card. There are no good excuses for this not to happen <br><br>This would again severely put a dampen in all the trolls- @mrwizard imagine this for evo <br>

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<div class=“QuoteText”>Fuck that, i dont owe them niggs nothing.</div>
</blockquote>typical <br>

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