Tournament Viable Glitches

After watching desk’s preview video for mvc3 glitches and exploits I was quickly reminded of several things that stood out for me as a fan of mvc2, and I thought I’d create a thread dedicated to the discussion of the viability of gameplay glitches how it effects the competitive community on a micro and macro level.

Now Desk’s preview video has shown what may be potentially game breaking glitches, that in tournament or competitive play may ruin a relatively balanced experience. For example, and correct me if I am wrong, freezing an arcade machine using the ruby heart’s glitch at evo would probably result in a disqualification, if anyone actually used ruby heart at evo. However in mvc2 a tournament legal glitch that survived patches was Juggernaut’s assist glitch, which even made it to mvc3 as a standard game play element.

Using the above example I am interested to see what potential glitches mvc3 will keep in the game, which ones will be tournament legal and whether or not Capcom decides to remove every reported bug in the game “for the sake of the community and revenues.” (Not my opinion, I personally would find a counter for the bugged characters, the quote is just something that I figure ono would post.)

Another thing about glitches I would like to point out is the impact they have on combo video creators, such as magnetro and joo. Watching desk’s mvc3 videos, I can’t but feel a bit of de ja vu.

Maybe after you have read the previous you may approach glitches a bit differently now rather than “omgwtfbbqq this brakes dat geam?”

Discuss among yourself distinguished gentlemen of SRK.

Glitches like [media=youtube]XiaGXc4_V0g"]these would make a character more tourny viable. However, using a freeze or infinite disapearence would obviously be banned. ala [url=[/media]

just like every other fighting series, game breaking glitches will be banned.