Tournament Wars 1.5 - Tournament of Champions 4/24 CHECK FIRST POST!

STREET FIGHTER FOUR Tournament of Champions April 24th

Well it’s been a great ranbat and we are in the home stretch!

Here are our point listings:

1 Ceramic Sugar - 27
2 Cole - 20
3 LTB - 15
4 Riki - 13
5 Elias - 10
6 Tanaka -8
7Dr. DoomKills - 7
8 Peachy - 5
9 Mikehascookies - 5
10 Constantine - 3
11 Ghrrk - 3
Nolan - 1
Bokkin - 1
Dugg - 1
Bowflexmike - 1
16 Chris Masters - 1

12th-15th will be determined at the round robin.

We have 6 people tied for last with 1 point, this will be settled with a round robin tournament with the bottom 2 being knocked out of the tournament. Schedule is this:

7pm Round Robin Tournament (Bokkin, BFM, Dugg, and Nolan are to attend and play, if you are not there then you are seeded as 15th)

10:30pm Tournament of Champions I will be taking a head count at 10:30, if you’re not there you are DQ’d.

Tournament Bracket:

Ceramic Sugar(1) vs. Chris Masters(16)

Peachy (8) vs. Mikehascookies (9)

Riki-Oh (4) vs. (13)

Elias vs. (12)

Cole vs. (15)

Dr. DoomKills (7) vs. Constantine (10)

LTB vs. (14)

Tanaka (6) vs. Ghrrk (11)

Bracket was generated from here using 16 “teams”

13th - 16th will be filled in after the round robin. Good luck to everyone

Sounds good, I’m still not sure I can shell out 10$/week but I’ll see what I can do. At the very least I’ll help run things as best I can.

So it’s $10 every Saturday, right? Not $10 for Season 1.5 as a whole?

yeah every saturday, of course no one is obliged or commited to play every saturday, but the top 16 will move to the ToC.

And what time is this starting at? I hate that there’s water between the two cities I go to so often. =\ Anyone willing to hook a brudda up with a place to crash if i decide to make it out to Seattle?

yo francis, i no this is not of any help this week, but after i take my nclex (end of this month) i’ll actually go to these and stay most of the way through so my place is always open.

Eh, still real unhappy about the $10, but if it’s set in stone…

Easy answer to the $10 entry fee, get in the money.

Hard part is, getting into the money but that’s where you’ll grow as a player.

I mean I won’t be entering this Saturday because I’m broke as a joke. But once I get the chance, yes it’s go time and I’m gunnin for the top.

Also wondering what time you guys are planning on starting today, wanna know when to jet over there from GW.

Yeah, I realized I don’t know when or where to show up. Is this still at Best Western tonight?

Ok yeah Im dumb, Gadoken and other people wondering when its starts looks like info is in 2v2 doubles thread (8pm start for that, 10:30 for singles.)

Pre funk tournament starts at 7pm-7:30pm. I’m going to try to get this ranbat going at10:30. Usual TW’s starting time.

Also we do need ppl to donate setups, for the prefunk and the ranbat. Any help would be appreciated.

oh, cool, thanks. Yeah I forgot there was another thread for this, I even asked about it myself in that other one. Thanks!

xcopied from other TW thread.

these tournaments need to start sooner. there shouldnt be a reason to have people still in the restaraunt at 330am. seriously guys. 2v2 started at 8 (im assuming) and was at the finals before i even clocked out. but that was at 1120-ish. why wasnt the ranbat started? shit needs to get moving faster. the reason im telling you guys this, you guys arent spending enough to keep fae on over time. so, the long it takes for tourneys, the more OT she gets. and the fact that she only rang in 600$ today but had to work from 5pm to 4am isnt worth the companys money. there USED to be a drink minimum. people seem to have forgotten that. i dont wanna see TW/ranbat/anything thatll keep an extra person on the clock getting shut down because it isnt in the companys best interest to keep it running. and if these events arent showing profit, then the things ive heard from upper management might not even be brought up again (these are REALLLLLLY good things, like huge).

To answer your question, teams didn’t start at 8 maybe close to 9 due to traffic all around (520 was horrible as was I-5 south). The ranbat didn’t start till 11:15-11:30, and we were close to finishing @ 2:30ish? I’m expecting a smaller turnout for the ranbats because people are anxiously waiting for SSFIV. Before I was considering taking a break until SSFIV came out, but I was worried that BW thought we would’ve bailed on them, so I decided on the ranbat. We’ll try to run it faster/start sooner. But I do agree, if we don’t have a normal amount like we did for TW’s then we should be closing up shop earlier.

But Josh, next week hopefully will have better numbers…

who is buying me drinks for my birthday.

Good times last night, had some epic games back and forth with a lot of people.

Good luck to those during the Ranbat season! See you all in a couple months.


1: LTB
2: CeramicSugar
3: Riki-Oh
4: Mikehascookies
5: MrK
5: Afrocole
7: Duggish
7: B0kkin
9: Hyre
9: FuriousJodo
9: Frankadank
9: Tony
13: Gieft
13: El Sweepador
13: Joe
13: Mikhail
17: CrashX99
17: Gadouken
17: HeavyD
17: BowflexMike
17: MrRoboto
17: MickeyD
17: Mystic

So as stated in the other thread, there’s a good chance that Danny won’t be making it out this time around. So we aren’t going to have the lovely TIO to help us out (unless someone else has it on their laptop). We are also going to need setups (3 would be great), also can someone step up to run it? I wasn’t planning on entering or running it this week as I am celebrating my birthday at Brella’s…so yeah ima be fucked up. But if not, then I’ll do the best I can…

Was this held at the bar? Or did you guys use the TV in the dining room…or both?

This was run in the dining room.

It sounds like we still need people to bring setups. So far, we’ve got Frank’s xbox, and a ps3+tv. We probably need at least one more xbox/tv for this to run in a timely fashion.