Tournament wars pre-season gathering @ Best Western Oct. 3rd 11pm!


Sry that this is on short notice, but I just received word from the manager. So this saturday starting @ 11pm (hopefully). Preseason gathering @ the Best Western in downtown Seattle. Come on down for some sfiv, drinks etc. And to talk about tournament wars! If you wanna pay the fee for the league I’ll be accepting payments as well. See you guys there!


I’ll try to showup after work (after midnight).

I can also promise you that I won’t have the money yet. :o


daaamn it’s like thirty five bucks isn’t it?

damn my being fired


Any word on the drink minimum requirement yet?


Josh mentioned that they’ll stay open as long as the bar is making money…Ian’s going to be there tomorrow so I’m going to talk to him more about that. I’m going to try to set it up so that those that are playing in Tournament Wars that day aren’t required to buy drinks/food (although it would be prefered). Assuming that much bar has to stop serving liquor by 2am (probably last call at 1:30am) Also it’s going to be in the restaurant area so minors are more than welcome to come out! I hope we have a decent turnout. Please show up if you can even for a little bit (like Jared =D)


So by liquoring up the competition we not only help ourselves, but help tournament wars as well.

I promise I will drink every drink someone buys for me as long as someone drives me home. A drunk Fuerte is a fun Fuerte.

I’m just doing my part to support Tournament Wars…


Yeah dudes, I have work the next morning at 7AM, if I’m losin sleep to make it out, you other mofos got no excuse!


someone should really pick me up


I may actually hit this up. I may not be in the tournament but I support the cause.


Please believe that if this runs well season 2 will have more games (possibly marvel)


What’s the address for hte Best Western? Is it this one?

2301 8th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121


I thought it was on 6th… :o


Hell if I know, I’m just googling Best Western. :\

edit: 2301 8th Avenue,
Seattle, WA, 98121, United States

Is the one I found using Best Western’s site, so that seems right. As long as it isn’t the pioneer square one hehe.


Address (sorry forgot to post it):
200 Taylor ave north. I guess it’s near seattle center.



How many set ups? I could bring a stick. However, I plan to walk there. Brent, or someone, should give me a ride back home. Will buy a drink.



Edit: I was planning to leave in like 35 minutes, but I don’t plan to drive to Seattle without knowing where I’m going.


Frank’s last post has the address.

I’ll be there.


Here yo ugo sucka - like 2 posts up:,%20WA__e_&mkt=en-us&FORM=LLMP

Directions from like anywhere. I’ll try to bust out of here right at 12:00 but I was a little late so probably won’t be at the BW until like 12:25ish (I think it’s like an 8 minute drive from here)


First and foremost. Thanks to everyone that came out tonight! I wasn’t expecting such a decent turnout :). We did run a 2v2 team tournament here are the results:

1st - ThaiMechanica (kriangkrai/elias - Vega/Rufus)

2nd - Frank/Pat - Bison/Ryu (lost to Elias)

3rd - Cole/Jalapno - Dhalsim/Seth,(Lost to Pat/Frank) Mark/Paul Lee - Zangief/Sagat (Lost to Kriangkrai)

5th - Nolan/Carlos - Abel/Akuma, (Lost to Elias/Kriangkrai) Riki/Brent - Bison/Vega (Lost to Cole/Jalapno), Mike/Nate - Bison/Guile (Lost to Pat/Frank), Pablo/Julian - Geif/Viper (Lost to Paul Lee/Mark).

9th Ghrrk/Jodo - Cammy/Fuerte (Lost to Pablo/Julien)

Stay tuned for important information regarding TW’s.