Tournament Wars: Questions, Comments, talking shit thread

** Captains: Please talk with your teammates and find out what days they are able to play, I need to know all days and times that they can play (it would be at least 1 or 2 hours of their time.) Please get back to me as soon as you can.

Schedule is just about to be finished. Once the schedule is complete, players will have one week to finalize on their characters. After characters are locked in the schedule will be announced.



  • Teams consist of three players

  • Teams are not allowed to have duplicate characters on a team (Bison/Dan/Sakura is fine, Sagat/Sagat/Akuma is not)

  • Whoever is on your team will be locked in for the remainder of the season. Unless something awful happens so they cannot participate anymore. Yes be prepared to be in this league for the long run (8 rounds, 2 weeks a round, 16 weeks for the season + playoffs)

  • Whatever character you choose to play in the season will ALSO be locked in for the ENTIRE season (Including playoffs), no exceptions. This allows you to either bring your best, or to force those that have picked alts to really buckle down and get them ready for tournament play.

*Season will last for 8 rounds. Teams will be split into pools. You will play each team from your pool, as well as 5 matches outside of your pool. After the 8 rounds, the top teams in each pool will advance to the play-offs, with the top 2 scoring teams recieving a bye into the 2nd round. The next 4 highest scoring teams OVERALL will play for 2 wild card spots. Playoff bracket is single elim (Minus playing for 3rd and 4th). It should pan out like this:

First round:
1st - Bye
3rd vs Wild Card 1
4th vs Wild Card 2
2nd - Bye

Second round:
1st vs W(3rd vs Wild Card1)
2nd vs W(4th vs Wildcard 2)

Final round:
W top bracket vs W of Btm bracket (for 1st and 2nd)
L top bracket vs L of Btm bracket (for 3rd and 4th)

Games will be 3 out of 5 rounds, matches will be one set*. Winner recieves 1 point, if an OCV happens (Once Character Victory) an additional 1/2 point will be awarded (I decided on 1/2 points, to help determine tie breakers etc. etc.) It will be Pokemon style/Fight to the Death:

EX: Team Boss vs White Power (order is B0kkin/Mike/Paul vs Brent/Elliot/Nolan)

B0kkin vs Brent - Brent Wins
Mike vs Brent - Mike Wins
Mike vs Elliot - Mike Wins
Mike vs Nolan - Nolan Wins
Paul vs Nolan - Nolan Wins - Team Boss is eliminated, White Power is awarded 1 point.

**There have been talks making the matches 2 out of 3. Once I have a “Mock match” happen, I’ll be able to determine which route I’ll go. For now 1 match will be the default.

*A team can have any order they please. HOWEVER, if a player has already started twice, they CANNOT be a starter until the REST of the team has started twice. Last thing I need to see is two players try and piggyback on their strongest player throughout the whole season.

Round 1 - Mandel starts
Round 2 - Mickey starts
Round 3 - Mandel starts (Mandel cannot start till the rest of his team has started twice)
Round 4 - Frank starts
Round 5 - Mickey starts (Frank has to start for Round 6)
Round 6 - Frank starts (For round 7 and 8 anyone can lead off)

This also adds strategy for trying to get OCV’s. Don’t blow you strongest player early on. Cause once they go twice, they won’t be leading off till round 7.

  • Before the matches, each team will be allowed 10 min. of private practice time. After 5 min. an official will ask the team for their order, they’ll have from that time until the end of practice to submit their order. To determine who practices first or last a coin flip will be called by one of the teams prior to. Winner gets to decide on practicing first or second.

  • Team order pick will be blind select (hence the choosing of order while in practice)

  • Pressing the guide button or start at anytime minus an inevitable KO will result in a one round forfeit. If you don’t know what inveitable KO means, ask anyone that watched Elias vs Joedubbs

Entry Fee: $75/team ($25 a player), if there are individuals that are going to have a hard time getting this together, please get a hold of me and we’ll work out a payment plan. Each team must be paid for before the end of Round 3 or else they will be DQ’d from the rest of the league.

I repeat:


Also no refunds after round 3. Teams should be commited for the long haul of the season (as if it were a bowling league)

Prizes: 16 teams $75 a team = $1200 - venue fees (if any), trophies (yes trophies for top 3 when the dust settles), prizes for the top 3 scores during the season (going to try to find someone to sponsor something for those, be it games or gift cards. Helooooooooooooo Play N Trade!!) = I’m going to estimate $1000 dollars for the prize pool. Pay out is 70/20/10 (keep in mind fees come first so it could be less than $1000, it could be more than $1000) See the poll to determine payouts (ppl not in the league, their votes will not count for all the jackoffs out there that like to inflate shit)

Payouts Using $1000 as a refference point::

1st - $700 ($234 a player)
2nd - $200 ($66 a player)
3rd - $100 ($33 a player)

1st - $600 ($200 a player)
2nd - $250 ($83 a player)
3rd - $150 ($50 a player)

I think that covers everything. If there’s an edit I’ll let everyone know.

Without further ado here are the teams and pools:

**Teams(please double check your character and teammates, if there are any changes let me know ASAP):

*Sherwin - (Akuma)
Ray Mark - (Geif)
Sean - (Vega)

Team Underdog
*Dale (ryu)
Brian P (Balrog)
Cory - (geif)

The Wolfpack
*Kriangkrai (Vega)
Jeff (Viper)
Ghrrk (Sagat)

The Starvengers
Pat (Ryu)
Emil - (Geif)
Troy - ???

Team Dick Punch (TDP)
*Frank (Bison)
Mickey D’ (Ryu)
Mandel (Chun-Li)

Stretch Armstrong
*Francis (Sim)
Jared (Seth)
Drew (Geif)

Focus Cancelicious
*Munky (Abel)
JTS (Balrog)
Paul G (Akuma)

Team Boss
*Paul Lee (Sagat)
Carlos (Akuma)
Mike (Bison)

Grandmasters (of the NW)
*Cole (Dhalsim)
LTB (Sagat)
Future (Honda)

Sexually Transmitted Dragonpunch (STD)
*Dave (Ryu)
Danny (El Fuerte)
Matt (Blanka)

Hokuto FUCK ken
*Elias (Rufus)
Eman (Bison)
Dugg (Akuma)

*Trace (Sagat)
Mark (Geif)
Rowtron (Sim)

Electric Shoryuken Legs
Richard (Blanka)
Mikhail (Ken)
Gadouken (ChunLi)

Team Jurassic
Chris M(Viper)
Dustin (Rufus)
Vivek (???) - Need Character

Team Salt
*King (geif)
Jerry B. (Ryu)
Mac C. (Honda)

White Power
Nolan (Abel) - Need Character
Elliot (Gouken)
Brent (Vega)

  • = Captain


Pool A - Schedule SET
Team Boss
Sexually Transmitted Dragonpunch
Team Salt

Pool B - Schedule SET
Focus Cancelicious
Stretch Armstrong
Electric Shoryuken Legs

Pool C - Schedule SET
White Power
The Wolfpack

Pool D - Schedule SET
The Starvengers
Hokuto FUCK Ken
Team Jurassic
Team Underdog



Round 1
Grandmasters vs The Starvengers
Team Boss vs Team Underdog
Sexually Transmitted Dragonpunch vs Team Jurassic
Team Salt vs Hokuto FUCK Ken
TDP vs The Wolfpack
FATI vs Focus Cancelious
White Power vs Stretch Armstrong

Round 2
Team Underdog vs Grandmasters
The Starvengers vs Team Jurassic
Team Boss vs Hokuto FUCK Ken
Sexually Transmitted Dragonpunch vs Team Salt
The Wolfpack vs Focus Cancelious
ESL vs Stretch Armstrong
FATI vs White Power

Round 3
Grandmasters vs Team Jurassic
Team Underdog vs Hokuto FUCK Ken
The Starvengers vs Team Salt
Team Boss vs Sexually Transmitted Dragonpunch
TDP vs Focus Cancelious
SRS vs Stretch Armstrong
The Wolfpack vs White Power

Round 4
Hokuto FUCK Ken vs Grandmasters
Team Jurassic vs Team Salt
Team Underdog vs Sexually Transmitted Dragonpunch
The Starvengers vs Team Boss
Stretch Armstrong vs TDP
Focus Cancelious vs White Power
The Wolfpack vs ESL

Round 5
Grandmasters vs Team Salt
Hokuto FUCK Ken vs Sexually Transmitted Dragonpunch
Team Jurassic vs Team Boss
Team Underdog vs The Starvengers
TDP vs White Power
Stretch Armstrong vs FATI
Focus Cancelious vs ESL
SRS vs The Wolfpack

Round 6
Sexually Transmitted Dragonpunch vs Grandmasters
Team Salt vsTeam Boss
Hokuto FUCK Ken vs The Starvengers
Team Jurassic vs Team Underdog
White Power vs ESL
Stretch Armstrong vs The Wolfpack
Focus Cancelious vs SRS

Round 7
Grandmasters vs Team Boss
Sexually Transmitted Dragonpunch vs The Starvengers
Team Salt vs Team Underdog
Hokuto FUCK Ken vsTeam Jurassic
FATI vs The Wolfpack
White Power vs SRS
Stretch Armstrong vs Focus Cancelious

Round 8
Grandmasters vs Focus Cancelious
Team Boss vs TDP
Team Salt vs FATI
Sexually Transmitted Dragonpunch vs White Power
SRS vs Team Jurassic
Stretch Armstrong vs Hokuto FUCK Ken
The Wolfpack vs Team Underdog
The Starvengers vs ESL**

Bloody-Knuckles (Happystickperson’s place…yes I’ve dubbed your art event the name of your place lol)
Canoe social club???
Play n trade???
f1rst games??

Let the games begin!

Dugg: You ready for that ugly yet oddly fun Mirror?

Cole: I’m gonna prove that cammy has no advantage on akuma :wink:

Frank I can have people over but at max around 7-8 (roommate max) which wouldn’t allow for the grandness you have envisioned. Also Frank much thanks into the time and effort you have put into this and this has yet to begin. I am quite anxious for the season to start.

Frank, as far as my house as a venue, talk to me on the dates you would like to do. I would prefer Thursday or a Friday. No more than one to two times a month. I enjoy my SyFy Friday night line up son! That, and drinking!

I’m assuming based on 16 teams, you want the Top 2 teams (with the most points) in each pool to advance (aka Top 8 teams) to a Single-Elimination or Double-Elimination bracket? Also, the Final bracket would be possible to finish in a single day, should we bank on that or will it be strung out?

Frank, you need to reduce the buffness of Pool A lol


…I can’t decide if I really wanna play rufus or not

Your answer

Also a question for you Frank. So I know you put the 1/2 pt OCV in to avoid a tiebreaker, but what if at the end of the season there are potentially 3 Wild Card teams based on points(5th and two tied for 6th)? And if all three of those teams somehow have the same amount of points(tied for 5th)? And if two teams in a pool tie for points? (I haven’t done any math on this yet so that could completely answer my question)

In case of a tie (in pools or for wild card):

If the teams played during the league, the one that won would prevail (eliminates ties in pools). If the didn’t play, a playoff will happen with the two teams. More when I get home.

I’m all for 2 out of 3 matches. Say a pool gets together - teams A-D. Starting off is team A against team B. Team A wins. Then the other teams can play and while that is going on, Team B has enough time to re-evaluate their strategy against team A for match 2.

P.S. Oh, Frank - I know this is silly, but since you’re going for the whole official shebang, you should put the rule for selecting stages i.e. random on default unless the 2 players agree on 1. Stupid, I know - but it’s good to have all the bases covered.

Stoked, way to hit 16 teams.

Dude you better be, there’s a lot of Akuma’s in this shit.

Changing that acronym is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen on tv in a while…

crap I slacked and failed.

if anyone needs an alternate Sagat/Viper I’m down

also Frank, I’m still down to host even if I don’t make a team.

Let the garbage speak commence. d======(O_O)d

Do we play the teams from our pools first? How are the other 5 matches decided?

Pool B > Pool A + Pool C + Pool D

Yeah but online for the most part that’s all I do so I’ve grown to love the mirror. I was just tellin you because we’re in the same pool. There is only 1-2 or so akuma outside of you and me so that’s not too much considering. Also Syfy really pissed me off too. What were they thinking? Pool A’s events are gonna be hype, enough said.

Edit: Below me I concur and Elias are you locked at rufus or are you still thinking otherwise?


I count 5 at the least! Akuma seems to be a favorite these days.

No love for the Stretch Monster I guess.

Now lets get down to business and help Frank out with this jazz and try to provide venues and equipment for this sort of shindig.

I’m potentially going to buy HD Video capture equipment for my PC, but I highly doubt I will anytime within the next month. Meaning my house as a venue (1. Still my house, meaning my rules will apply to anyone who gets the wrong idea) (2. yes, it will be fine to have roughly 6-8 teams in my house simultaneously, but that’s the max) will be open for Frank’s Tournament wars only. I’ll be talking to him and scheduling around other venues so we can have different teams focus on showing up to different venues.

I would imagine for example, my house gets 8 teams (half of the teams in the league), they get their matches played. The next venue will cater to the teams that did not make it to my house to play their matches, meaning everyone who was at my house, would only attend the next event if the venue does not hit their cap of the remaining 8 teams. THIS IS SPECULATION! Meaning this may not be how Frank wants to run it. I just am throwing this idea out their simply because instead of Pool B getting all their matches played for the league in a few events, where as other teams will not have played any because they wouldn’t fit within the venue provides the conflict and increases the stress to make their matches by the deadline.

If this doesn’t make sense, I can clarify/elaborate for those that don’t understand. I would just like to see the ENTIRETY of this league ran evenly and smoothly across the board. It will also give us all a chance to keep statistics on how well each team/person on each team played for their match.

It generates more HYPE! Trust me.

I have a HAVA Platinum HD thingy that records in sort of HD but only works off of component cables. I have noticed that it adds a noticeable amount of lag or anything, it just passthroughs to the TV. Someone else might be bothered by it though, I dunno.


Pool A looks too raw. These matches are gonna be hype.

Nice win.

I tried to see if anyone online has recorded any matches with me, all I get in the search is the Rap battles lol.