Tournament website!


I’m starting a website that will host fighting game tournaments…i have a small committee and we haven’t come to a conclusion of which games we will use regularly…the goal is to EVENTUALLY be for SFIV, KofXII, Blazblue, Tekken 6…and small hdr tournaments and such…but being that in the time that the site opens (late 09) that games such as KOFXII as well as Tekken 6 maybe even blazblue players won’t feel as comfortable with there skill set so as primary games what do you think should go alongside, SFIV and Blazblue…what do you all think about virtua fighter soul calibur and others…

what would be your primary 4?

awesome. looking forward to this…

Great! So basically, it’s gonna be a lame version of SRK with horrible punctuation, right?

Hm’… me too…:coffee:

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Sincerely, Brillo

There you go…a little better punctuation take your stupid ass to fuckin english class and get your fuckin head out of your ass you fucking prick…and it’s not a “lame version of this site” because it’s hosting tournaments for money and it’s nto a fucking forum…how is anything synonymous? right idk either and for the record your not funny so if you have nothing constructive to say then quite frankly… You, and your proper grammar, can eat shit. Last I checked it was nothing adressed to you personally. So why bother?..because your a stupid embred peice of shit with a minimum wage job and nothing better to do…bottom line…rot in a plastic casket homo

on another note…does anyone have suggestions

Wow, it’s like you’re an infinite loop of contradictions and misspellings.

start this all over with a new thread. i promise there’s gonna be zero trolls there.

edit: OH WAIT

do you have a schedule of who rides who? it’s really weird and creeping me out…

yea your right, the other topics title totally kept it from getting responses. This one should take off nicely, especially with that flame rant…:confused:

sure is trolls in here, this could use a lock or two

which is not my fault…its a legitamate question and people with the brains of worm shit that cover up there lack of with punctuations as if internet calls for it… acting like 12 year old kids can’t be mature enough for it…but when the site is up…they’ll be there…if they’re any good which i doubt




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Its funny how now in 2009 everyone wants to push and hype fighting games. The genre must of been invented this year.:lol: