hi everyone,

im pretty new to this site but thought that this would be the ideal place to post a question i got. me and my bro play SFA3 most nights, and have set up an open office calc spreadsheet to record our fights to end our constant in fighting about who really is the best, and im sure a lot of you out there have similar sort of things going on and might like what we’ve done.

i cant work out how to post it up but let me explain…

after each fight we record in each column:

Ken 2 1 Bla

thats how many rounds each of us has won and the first three letters of characters used, with this ive set it up so it works out in a table how many rounds are won, battles won, character % select. Then it sorts out a graph that looks at how many rounds youve won over the last twenty fights so we can look at our form.

All im trying to do now, is set it up as a table so we can see the overall fights won character vs character like this (if this makes any sense):

   Ken  Ryu  Chun  Blank

Ken 3:4 3:0 7:1 8:0
Ryu 5:1 2:0

if anyone knows how to do this itd be a big help, let me know if you went me to send a copy of the spreadsheet or put some screen prints of it up to give a better idea.


shouldn’t post it here newbie

Wrong place :shake:

where do you reckon the best lpace to post is then? cheers,

i mean of course im just gonna go on a limb here and hope im right