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2010-09-07 - We’re watching you

On each page, we show you a picture of any upcoming tournaments in your area, just click through to be taken to the filtered listing for your area.

2010-05-12 - Event start time on listing

Now on the main events page, the shortened listing for he event contains the event start time. This will be helpful when eyeballing events in the list to know exactly when they start (instead of having to drill down to the details page).

Note that the start time is displayed in the local time for the event.

2010-03-06 - New Layout, New Functions, New Everything!

sf4answers has undergone a massive change. With new templates applied, the ability to search by tags for your events, vote functionality, and more ways to get at your event (and other SF4) data than before.

2010-01-23 - Training Sessions

With the rise of “bootcamp” and “training session” type events (such as Wednesday Night Fights and AZ SF4 Thursday BOOTCAMP!) it is only natural to reflect and promote these types of events on

In short, these are sessions which are put together specifically with the purpose of getting the participants to level up, usually having a structure in place to promote those who do well, and possibly bans on those who consistently perform below par.

To that end, the “category” select list now includes a “training session” option to reflect these events.

2009-12-27 - See Expired Events

Now you can choose to include event listings that have expired in the display. This filter is composable with the other filters (date, location) and will carry through to the feeds as well.

2009-12-27 - Deletes

If for some unfortunate reason, your tournament has been cancelled, you now have the ability to delete it (assuming you created the listing in the first place). Just go to your listing page and click on “Delete” at the bottom of the page.

The listing will still be viewable by you and administrators, but will not be visible to anyone else or propogated to search engines, Twitter, Facebook, etc, etc.

The URL is still valid though, so if you want to put the listing back up again, just go to the URL and click on “Undelete” at the bottom.

2009-12-08 - New Editor

The editor for information about your tournaments has been changed to give it more of a feel that people are used to from SRK and other bulliten board systems. It should come much more naturally to you when you enter your event, as you will have familiar editor options (and key commands) that you would in most other places.

2009-12-02 - More Login Options

Now logging into sf4answers to post your SF4 events is even easier than before, with new options to log in using your Twitter or Wordpress account.

Support for logging in with MySpace is coming soon as well.

If you don’t see your authentication provider (AOL, Yahoo, Windows Live), click on “More Providers” on the login page to make sure you see all of the providers.

And if there is an OAuth or OpenID provider not listed then let me know, and I will enable it as best I can.

2009-12-01 - Twitter Geolocation Support

While sf4answers has always made searching for events in your location easy (see the “2009-05-26 - Filtering” section), we’ve made it easier now to search from Twitter.

The sf4answers Events section now supports Twitter Geolocation support, meaning that every event that is posted to the Twitter stream now has the latitude and longitude of the event location attached to the tweet for the event, making it easy to search for your Street Fighter 4 events within a certain location from your Twitter client.

So if your Twitter client supports searching by location, you can now look for tweets from sf4answers in a particular area in order to filter out those tweets.

Or, you can just go to Advanced Twitter Search and indicate that you want to search for all posts from sf4answers with the #sf4 hashtag within a certain area.

Note that tweets not related to events will not have a location associated with it, so the recommendation is to have the location-based search set up as a separate search (if your client supports it).

The Twitter page for sf4answers is:

sf4answers (sf4answers) on Twitter

And of course, you can subscribe to the feeds directly from sf4answers:

Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament and Event Listings - sf4answers

2009-10-15 - Facebook Page News Feed Updates

In addition to all of the previously mentioned external site updates (Twitter, Facebook Events), posting an event to will cause a status update to be posted to the sf4answers page on Facebook:

Fans of the sf4answers page on Facebook will see the notification for the event in their News Feed and a link back to the event details.

2009-09-20 - Posting Events with a General Location

Until now, the system only worked well when posting events that had a specific address. This worked well for a while, but as more and more people are having house tournaments, there is reluctance to publically post an address for their event.

Because of this, the restriction on entering events to the site has now been loosened to allow just a postal code (a zip code, in the US for example).

This still allows all of the functionality of the site to work (calendaring, timezone detection, Facebook integration) while still allowing anonymity for those that don’t want to publish their specific address and have people contact them directly.

2009-09-07 - Facebook Integration

Now, when an event is posted on, the event will also be posted on the Facebook page for Just go to Facebook and search for “sf4answers”, or go straight there:

Just look on the “Events” tab and you will see all the events that are currently on as well as events that have already passed. Included in each event is a link back to the website with more detailed information.

And by all means, become a fan!

2009-08-08 - Edit Existing Items

A link is at the bottom of every details page that is available to those that have authored the page (or administrators). The link text is “Edit this event”, clicking on it will take you to a page where the details of the event can be edited.

When an event is edited, it will post a new tweet to the Twitter feed marked as “[#sf4 edit event]”.

2009-08-05 - Feedback Tab

There is now a tab on the left hand side of every page of the site which will allow you to provide feedback/comments/suggestions/bug reports on All of the feedback will be collected at:

Customer Feedback for sf4answers

2009-08-04 - Open to Everyone

Anyone who logs into the site (it can be done through Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Google, Live, or any Open ID provider, and we do not store usernames or passwords at all) can now post their event listings. Remember, this will also post on the Twitter feed (@sf4answers) in addition to being searchable in the database.

Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament and Event Listings - sf4answers

It should be noted that if an event exists on the same day within a mile of the address, it will not post (I’ll try to refine this as much as possible, and would appreciate any feedback in regards to this).

Plans are also in the works to automatically add the events to Facebook and Eventful when they are posted (don’t worry, existing non-expired events will be automatically added).

2009-08-04 - Groupings

Added groupings to the main event listing in order to make it easier to differentiate when exactly the events that are coming up are going to occur.

2009-07-03 - Add This

Added “Add This” tags to all the event items to make it easy to share the details of the tournament in other social networking sites.

2009-05-26 - Filtering

There are now filters on the events page for date, location and radius:

Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament and Event Listings - sf4answers

Simply set your filters on the events page and hit the “Filter” button and it will filter the events in the date range within the radius specified around the location parameter. The links above to “Add to RSS”, “Add to calendar”, and “View an image” will give you the formatted feeds with the filter applied, so you can add them to RSS or your calendar app for your specific location.

For example, when filtering to see all upcoming events in a 50 mile radius around NYC, it will produce the following RSS/calendar/image links:

Super Street Fighter 4 Tournaments Feed - sf4answers

Which you can subsequently add to your RSS reader or calendar app and have it filtered appropriately.

2009-05-07 - Twitter Feed

The Twitter feed will now update as soon as new events are added to the feed. A shortened link to the event details will be posted in the tweet.

The Twitter page for sf4answers is:

sf4answers (sf4answers) on Twitter

2009-05-02 - Posted Image of Current Map Snapshot

I’ve posted the image of the current map over in the Image Mashup thread: Live Events Feed Map

In case anyone wants to see it.

2009-05-02 - Display of Current Map Snapshot

I’ve posted what the actual map looks like over in the Image Mashup section: Live Events Feed Map

2009-05-02 - Added Current Map Snapshot

You can now view the map with the pinpoints for upcoming events. Just reference:

In your HTML and every time the image is loaded, the markers will reflect only upcoming events from the time that it loaded.

Note that if you use this image in your page, you must attribute/credit SF4

2009-05-01 - Non-US Events

The feeds will support non-US events. As long as Google Maps can find it, I can put it into the system. So far, I’ve been able to find some Canadian events, as well as a French event, but it seems that a lot of the international events tend to be buried in regional threads in the matchmaking threads and we could use help in digging them out.

So by all means, if you know of an event, let us know and we can get it included in the feed ASAP.

2009-04-30 - Introduction

I’ve been working independently on trying to provide a way to get structured Street Fighter 4 event/tournament (and other) information to people. The first part of this endeavor is a tourament/event calendar and feeds.

Initially, I’ve used links to SRK tournaments and events, but I have the capacity to host the information there as well (if people want).

Of course, there is an ATOM feed for the events (which also expires entries as the events transpire) which you can subscribe to in any RSS reader:

Super Street Fighter 4 Tournaments Feed - sf4answers

The feed itself has geographic information (GeoRSS tags, for those that are interested) so you can plug it into Google Maps yourself if you want to display it.

Also, each feed entry has an enclosure (attachment) which links to an iCalendar file which you can put in Outlook, or iCal.

iCalendar feeds exist as well which you can subscribe to in Outlook/iCal/Live Calendar/Google Calendar or any other calendar software which supports iCalendar feeds:



If you use this, your calendar will be automatically updated with new entries as they are added, with no additional work.

You can also use the http subscription link if you want to do a one time download of current events and import it into your favorite calendar software/service.

Of course, if anyone has any questions/suggestions/comments, feel free to post them here.

The twitter feed for will also post when new events are updated, if you want to follow that, the twitter link is:

sf4answers (sf4answers) on Twitter

good work man!! :tup:

Updated with a French and some Canadian tournaments I found in the matchmaking threads.

Also using results of Google Searches and the like, there’s a tourney in New Mexico at a Play N Trade that was found.

That is definitely what is popping. I love that idea.

Added section for current map snapshot.

Yea man, great stuff!

Definitely gonna be posting this on the various forums I frequent.

Added - Posted Image of Current Map Snapshot

This thread should be stickied imo.

Added - Twitter feed.

This is quite awesome.

Added - Filters

Added - Add This

Real Talk

Added - Groupings

Hey good job with this. This is a really helpful tool now that the stickies are only for majors.

Added - Open to everyone

Thanks. Given that the site sorts events by their date (even when filtered) and not by other factors, you will always see the events that are in the immediate future. Posts, comments (those are on the way) will not affect the standing of the listing. It’s simply, “what events are coming up in the order they are coming up?”

Sick!!! Its pro!

Added - Feedback Tab

Added - Edit Existing Items