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What are your tricks to go prepared with blanka on tourney?

play casuals

know how to play Blanka

i think your question is not specific enough! when I go to a tourney I try to play as many casuals as i can to get used to the NOT laggy offline play…in hope they use none lagging monitors there… i rarely play offline so thats a big issue for me… just warm up buddy…

i hope that answered ur question

+1 on the monitor speed. I couldn’t believe the difference between my LG and the Walker LCDs they use for casuals/some tournies in town. Dropping everything. Grrrr…

Playing with a large crowd is an exciting and difficult experience on tourney so different of online.
With various monitors speed ,you don’t know if it’s your fault when you miss everything.
My first mistake was to play on the same screen and don’t switch with another.
Totally stop to play one week before a tournament was probably my second mistake because stress come quickly day 0.
It’s just so hard when your hands tremble and you forget like Veserius
said “How to play Blanka”.
When everything wrong in your mind , you do a lot of shit.

I play always show up early to tournaments and play tons of casuals.

careful with how u play your main in casuals. last tournament I entered during casuals I was smashing this vega player and my first match is against him. he then beats me straight up…I gave all my tricks away for free

turn up when the sf4 event starts and leave after you lose or the tournament is over. hanging out in tiny over crowded places is the worst

I like to exercise hours before the tourney or the night before if it starts really early. Cardio and weights. No joke. For long tournies, good stamina is a key factor. Of course, this seems irrelevant when you see guys like kindevu or justing wong doing so well constantly haha.

Also, if you have an offline/online sparring partner, and say he mains Ryu, then don’t try to play exactly the same if you get to play a Ryu in the tourney. Some people play their characters in the most weird way (not bad necessarily) and you can get mind fucked by that.

probably the most solid gimmick blanka has at the moment, almost nobody has seen it before.

Blanka is a character with the potential to blow up players that don’t know how to fight him, and for those that do know how to fight him, he has the potential to be blown up by those familiar with the matchup.

A good example is that was able to cheese out wins (in tournament settings) by using Ultra 1 when I was knocked down by just watching for very obvious meaties. Blanka’s Ultra comes out in 4 frames, reversal timing, and not a lot of people don’t know that and get hit by it. On the other hand, I discovered the hard way that Makoto, Chun Li, and Balrog all can punish Blanka ball on hit. They won’t be able to know that it causes a hard knockdown, but its a good example of someone knowing the matchup well and taking advantage of it.

Blanka is just a weird ass character, which can work for and against you.