Tournaments in MK9? Tricities


I live in Pasco, WA and I’m looking for mk9 tournaments in the Tricities area. I’m seeing posts that state there are tourneys in this area, but none that have dates or times of future or past events. I’m not really looking into going out of town since I work quite frequently and I don’t have the time. Plus I’m not extraordinary or anything so I’m not looking forward to going 2 hours out of my way to get dominated in some huge tourney. I can compete though and it would be fun to get into the offline scene, (crudely now that I have played fighting games online COD and Halo lag don’t compare : ) ) Any feedback or invites would be cool.

Lastly if there isn’t really anything going for the area, for as many people as there are, I would be glad to get into helping set up more in the area especially if your just getting on your feet, I would like to help to make it larger so that we could have a stable place close to home.


By the way my names Chris, if I don’t respond to this thread right away you can text me at 5098512980 I get back to those fairly fast I’m looking forward to playing. Alright peace