Tournaments or Casuals in Japan Question

I’ll be in Nagoya Japan from May 21st to June 28th. Is there a website where I can find a listing of the arcade facilities, tournaments, etc that are in Japan?

This is where they hold the Nagoya Street Battle tournament: ??? ??? (Urban Square Ootsu)

The website has a map to the location, the closest train station is called ??? Kamimaezu. You can get there from Nagoya Station JR by taking the??? Higashiyama subway line, then transfer to the??? Meiro subway line at?? Sakae station. The Mejiro line will take you to Kamimaezu. From there its a short walk. Take a look around Ootsu too, because its basically Nagoya’s version of Akiba.

The Higashiyama line also goes to ???Fushimi station, where you can find the??? (Club Sega Nagoya Fushimi arcade Sega run arcades tend to be exceptionally well kept, but they like to charge 100yen a game, even for older games.

There is another big arcade right by Nagoya JR station called Game Box ( They’re prices aren’t bad either as they let you play best to 3 rounds on all machines if i remember correctly.

Hope this helps.