Tournaments should not be committing so hard to SFV

From the point of view of somebody who has been playing third strike since 2006, SF4 since 2009, and who has in general been following the FGC for a long time now, I think it is a really, really bad idea that tournaments are committing to SFV as well as throwing out SFIV so much.

First of all, the game doesn’t seem to be better. I’m sure a lot of people will end up liking it more, but after watching reviews, people streaming it on twitch, and the exhibition tourneys, it seems overall much less fun, much less entertaining, much slower, and just in general not that good, from what I’ve seen so far I would rather just not play street fighter anymore than pay $60 for what they just pumped out.

Second of all, even for the people who really like it, the game is so enormously different from SFIV that it is barely a successor at all. The look isn’t similar, the pace isn’t similar, the mechanics seem wildly different, the characters aren’t the same, it is a completely different game in almost every way, so even if a lot of people end up liking it, there is no good logic in outright replacing SFIV with it at tourneys, especially this early in the cycle. IMO it should be treated like Smash 4 and Melee, two completely different games with barely any overlap that are usually both played at the same tournaments.

Third, SFIV, despite it’s many downfalls, is an enormous staple of the FGC and has been ever since it came out. Pretty much everybody who plays fighting games at all owns it, tons of people switched to it from other games because of its popularity, it usually has the most players, it is the most well known, and it has a long history now. Besides the fact that eventually the balance of the game will get very stale because Capcom is abandoning it, it is still very much an alive game, and even if most of the player base ends up switching to V, it still deserves its niche.

What logic is there to EVO replacing SFIV with SFV at EVO? Seems like a completely braindead thing to do.

Dude, or El Duderino, or His Dudeness,

I don’t have a problem with it. It’s a new game, so there’s going to be a ton of interest, both from new players and SF vets. From a TO point of view, they want the game that will get the most entries, and I think that’s going to be SFV. Also, it’s not like SFIV is suddenly going to die out overnight. Plenty of tournaments have already announced that they’ll still be having SFIV. I think EVO taking a break from SFIV is a good idea. It lets players focus on SFV without having to worry about SFIV, and then after EVO, if players don’t care for SFV, they can go back to SFIV. And if it turns into a similar situation to Smash, I’m sure EVO will have both games at 2017 EVO.

I respect your point of view, and you obviously have more experience than me. I only started following the FGC in the past couple years. Just my 2 cents.

Probably because Capcom want SFV to be at Evo and want all the attention to be on the game they are trying to sell right now?

Look for the money, it’s the reason we have 2 Smash games in a fighting game tournament and it’s the reason SFV had replaced SFIV near it’s release.

I dare say SFIV will still be played at other tournaments and it might even come back next year when Capcom isn’t trying so hard to sell a freshly released hot product.

TLDR: The current situation is money and timing, unless the players themselves let SFIV die with this, it’ll probably be back.

Yeah, it’s mostly just Capcom wanting to promote their new project to the fullest. You might not see it, but they probably see SF4 as direct competition to SF5. That’s not good for business.

As Fellow FGC I agree with your sentiments, but On business and TO perspective I can’t fault this practice. The goal is to promote SFV since its the game “official” E-sport game from capcom. While capcom pro tour did feature SFIV for moment I felt it was their trial run for SFV to be the true E-sport game. The success is matter of both capcom handling SFV and how FGC respond to SFV.

Personally I stopped seeing EVO/SRK, Eventhubs at the network for fighters. ( far to many biase things to consider) I could be wrong but this community is just divided cluster fest of conflicting ideas that attempt to act unify but really isn’t. I came here initially thinking this was the “UN of fighting games” and Evo as the "Main Conference ". But as long as I’ve been here that never appear to be the case (My own folly for thinking so).

This isn’t so bad as each community does their own thing. *8 way run with soul calibure still does soul calibure" , “Test your might with NRS stuff”, “Dream cancel with Kof stuff” “Willvolution with naruto taisen games” ect.

These guys still run their game and events with little issue to be recorded and if so the community handle it. Because they have their priorities. Truth evo was capcom hub or at least appearing as one, but now it wants to act like the “We all about everything fighting game”. When in reality their" We all about that E-sport".

Their should be no problem with EVO listing if the goal is appease e-sport. But this event is no longer about the FGC but about the people who are watching, the companies who are funding…er…I mean supporting this event.

I say let this rock. If it it failed horribly and hopefully either the TO can up their standard on game listing , developers strive for quality, and the FGC be more mindful of their priorities.Yes I’m being negative about this and that more so directed at this flaw community. Were too ignorant, Biased, and uncooperative. And I feel the only we most of us we’ll learned is when our faith become misplaced and bites us in the back. But I hope to be proven proven wrong. Its why I still linger here.


On the chance it performs well we can see potential influence in the genre, by more sponsorship, more developers interets in genre, merchandising, fan base recognition and ect. My personal gripe is that I never saw street fighter as the face for fighters when it has many design i can’t appreciate. How ever that fails to matter when masses are involve. Case and point Dc comics for example, their are whole lot heroes with compelling stories and lores to get behind, but because masses only care for batman, we only get batman stuff. But if it wasn’t for batman I wouldn’t have the enjoy the products DC makes.


That’s a dumb argument considering that we can say the same for SFIV in relation to 3S, Alpha, SF2, etc. Numbered SF installments always bring great change.

In any case, V is arguably much closer to 3S since it shares things like similar frame data (3S had very different rules for frame data from other SF games that V seems to be following) to the normal priority system.

The logic or reasoning is simple, SFV is the main attraction for the Capcom Pro Tour. Capcom has put a lot of money into SFV as well as the prize pool. Capcom wants everyone to back up SFV and move forward from SFIV. EVO went with SFV because it’s new and has hype even though it’s untested in the tournament scene, same for Pokken. EVO stands for Evolution, I remember back when the same 3-4 games where at EVO year after year and it was beginning to get stale. Now your probably thinking why not both? It’s simple, too much overlap. People who play SFIV will play SFV and vice versa, this isn’t the Smash community where they view both Smash games as completely different games, no overlap.

Oh god, is Street Fighter going to end devided the way Melee/Smash4 did, or will people just chill and realize old iriterations of fighting games generally fall aside for the next? Just like the last two SF sequels did.

the logic is whatever they want it to be.

the reality is at most it would have one more year, just like 3S before being gone.
but due to capcom and their support of events, that pushes the game pretty hard.

this is what people want apparently. esports yallllllllllllllllllllllllllllll~

Why make this thread when SFIV replaced already good games like 3S, CVS2 and Alpha 3? Evo Staff and Capcom do what they want. End of thread.

I agree. Throw out Pokken and put USF4 back in.