Tournaments that Daigo has lost?

I’ve been told that in Japan there are a few people that can regularly beat him and have in big tournaments, if that’s true, which ones? Which players, Japanese or otherwise, are regarded as even better? I’ve heard the names Mago and Momochi thrown around.

I don’t think Daigo has actually even won that many SFIV tourneys in Japan. Just look at SBO, Godsgarden, and the first japanese national tournament.

I think this thread is probably gonna be closed, but I’ll ask anyway…

Why haven’t many other Japanese players come to Evo?
I always see people saying “Oh, Daigo doesn’t have shit on Mago or Ojisan Boy or Momochi” but we never get to see them in action stateside.

Is it just a money/transportation thing?

cause they aren’t rich, didn’t Daigo say his parents were Doctors in that interview…i heard Mago was coming once but had Visa problems

daigo aint winning nothing in japan cause jap tourney results are random as hell. evo japan is gonna show them how to run a serious tourney.

Daigo never loses… Neeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

i imagine these guys probably have jobs and can’t afford to leave it just because of a game, no matter how much they love it. they know where their priorities are. daigo even has a job and a family, the only reason he can come is probably he keeps some evo prize money stocked up for the next one.

I wonder wat kinda chicks daigo be pullin

david sirlin has beaten daigo every time

The virtual kinds?

They’re only big problem is you don’t get to rep much against another player. The fewer rounds you play the easier it is to get randomed out… and 1 match single elimination is about as little play as you can get.

Godsgarden was handled well in that respect, lots of reps. Bad matchup for Daigo in his loss there, but still good shit all around.

Partially money/transportation and partially because it’s easier to say you can shit on everyone with ease when you never have to back it up.

Any form of Anti-Daigo worship is frowned upon on these forums OP.

Good day to you sir and LONG LIVE THE BEAST!

Since when are any of those guys talking shit about anyone?

Also, EVERYONE loses all the goddamn time.
If you play long sets with someone around the same skill level, you’re gonna drop at least a game here and there.
Tournament play is not the same as set play.

I don’t think Daigo’s ever actually won a SF4 tournament in Japan outside of maybe a few weekly ranbats. Not because he’s not good, but because the level of competition is so high there, and the format is single elimination.

The name of EVO JP will be:

EVO 2010 Japan: A New Dick to Ride