Tournaments with Gems V.S Without

Which would you rather?

I’ve heard that there are some that hold tournaments with Gems and some without personally I don’t feel like it should be allowed in tournaments. But I would like to know everyone elses thoughts on this subject, how would gems be viable in tournaments? How wouldn’t they be?

If they can be made quicker to set up in tournaments (ie. button config-ish time), and there are rules to disallow any but the base set of gems, then I’d love them. But not before at least the first requirement is met.

I don’t really see them adding any sort of depth to the game. When I’m in a match, I’m not really looking for opportunities to activate my gems, I’m just playing solid.

For now, no gems. Once the USB gems feature is in, then yes.

The game was balanced with gems in mind, and gems help bring out your individual playstyle. I see little reason to disable them, other than the current reason that it takes way too damn long to set up without the USB feature.

I really like the idea of gems. I can give my mixup character som DnD esque temp health so I can go nuts for a little while. I can give my user some extra damage off a tag in meaning the next combo, that is garunteed, gets a little extra juice. Maybe I have a user that eats a ton of bar, I point somebody with some metergain gems so my user comes in with the stocks to blow people up. There are a ton of possibilities, but without the USB gem loadouts, it’s too much of a hastle to do anything with gems at events.

I haven’t messed with the gems much. They feel like a hassle to setup. It seems like it’d be a real mess in a tourney setting.

This game really should be played with the gems. Maybe ban assist gems though.

I’m training without gems for now, it looks like some of the DLC gems are going to clearly blow the regular gems out of the water but anyway, I figure i’ll end up better off if they do allow gems in the future, whereas i’d be disadvantaged if I used gems now and they ban them later.

Personally I like the gems, but only the assist gems cause they set up for some cheap and lame stuff. I feel like damage modifiers and defense booster gems are a gimmick ( For anyone whos played WoW - sorry to draw this comparison its the only one I can think of -, when they rebalanced and tweaked classes by either giving them more survivability, or just straight up more damage, everything was just a mess. I much prefer when things actually make an impact and can change the gameplay, rather than giving some bandaid touch ups ). I know that sounds contradictory, since assist gems are probably the definition of gimmick so I suppose its not the right word but yea, thats how I feel.

If the gems aren’t going to make an actual impact on the game, I don’t think they’re worth the hassle.

i see and hear people complain about speed. somehow everyone forgets any character in the game can get like 40% speed boost. i havent tried vega with 40% speed but i imagine it’s insane. like a footsies machine. no one smart would try to play footsies with that, which is interesting.

go watch ryu jump in with 40%, it’s ridiculous. gems stretch the limits of things in interesting ways.
having 40% damage reduction for 15 seconds is massive. also the potential for specific combos to develop around certain things triggering meter building gems and launcher related gems, etc.

the gems will give value to things outside whatever is discovered as being “the” combo to do in x situation. by tweaking the possibilities depending on selection. I do not like how capcom is approaching them but I love the concept itself.

wait…can you turn off gems? anyways I just choose the first one given for my chars, I dont care really, idk even know what they do.

it seems like it’d be a hassle for everyone to set their gems up before matches.

the gem slection was made really sloppy by capcom why not at charc selection just have a page for each gem type and select from there and be able to have premade selections. IMO assist and DLC gems should be banned saves tournaments money trying to keep up with it and they seem too good not every tourny is on the level of WNFwhere they probably can afford it.

I like playing with both.

But without gems, timeouts are always an option if you drop combos. If you don’t drop combos, any character can almost be taken out in 3 or 4 full combos since there’s no passive scaling when health drops low and you can’t instantly raw tag.

Until you can select all three gems from a list from the character select screen just like you select your color and costume, no gems allowed. At least in my area.

I won’t play without my Autothrowtech, Autoblock and Super Easy Input Gems.

Gems are fairly worthless as far as tactical depth is concerned, people seem to set their gems and just let it rock without much thought.
And that’s the thing, real players are thinking about what their opponent is thinking on multiple levels, they dont have time to think about something as trivial as “Okay if I hit him with one more Fireball my meter gem will activate at which time I’ll whiff as many normals as I can before he can get in” When all it gets them is 1/2 a bar of meter.

iknorite? It’s not like everybody else can’t buy/use them.

Gems have no depth at all, their activation conditions are too random to have any strategy implied. They are not worth the time you spent selecting them. And don’t forget how expensive this would be for organizers.

To me gems almost certainly will be banned in EVO.

  • Time consuming to set up, trying to solve it with config saved in USB sticks creates the problem of forcing everyone to play with USB sticks
  • Price hasn’t been announced yet, but likely to be a big cost. And don’t forget there will be DLC characters too and having 12 DLC characters is already an unprecedented challenge for TOs
  • Gem glow is butt ugly and makes this game a lot less appealing to watch
  • At the moment most seem to set their gems and just let it rock without much thought, so gems don’t seem to actually add to the gameplay
  • Some DLC gems seem to be clearly stronger than the standard gems, allowing them in tourneys could create balance problems and players being forced to buy them to train with

So gems are a huge hassle, TOs could fight hard to make sure they appear in tourneys but the question right now is: “why bother”?

why not make certain presets tourny standard for all characters.