Just wondering, how much does it cost all together to go to a tournament and probably not get in the top three to win anything? All paid expenses and everything compared to just playing on a console? If arcades are dying out, I can’t really imagine tournaments fairing much better then the same people probably.

As for the cost, i am from UK so i have no idea about costs in USA.

In regards to tournaments dying out like arcades, i just can’t see it happening. Arcades died out because owners didnt see it as a profitable business, which was probably quite fair, when consoles became very popular.

Tournaments, whilst we can’t deny are making a profit, are run by fans. Fans that dont care about profit and would quite happily break even or even take a small loss, in order to gather people from all over their country or region in order to see who is the best.

As long as there are Street Fighter fans and a new game every decade, there are gonna be tournaments.

Much respect for all tournament runners out there, there wouldnt be the scene we have today if it wasnt for you.

What tournaments?

Going down to the local fortnightly/monthly ones costs me about $10, maybe $15, ($5 to $7 entry fee, $5 to $10 for public transport). Going interstate to EVO APAC probably cost me a bit over $400 depending on what you count. (flight, hotel & entry was $350).

It’s not particularly relavent for several reasons however, the vast majority of the tournaments here in Australia, and a good percentage in America are run by fans/community groups with no intention of profit. (or at least no short term intention of profit.) There does seem to be more sponsorship lately though, and I’m interested in where that might be going.

As for them dying out “like arcades” I wouldn’t expect it. Esports, or “competitive gaming” seems to be getting bigger, and disregarding any possible bad blood between the two communities, their relative success bodes well for the future of tournaments.

I don’t know how you expect anybody to be able to answer that. Open call to everybody to WRITE THEIR FUCKING LOCATION IN THEIR PROFILE.

idk i was under the impression that for the most part TO’s come out in the negative way more often than they end up in the positive.

real talk right here, it’s not like srk is filled with stalkers that are gonna find you because you had something as unassuming as to list your state/country

What does this sentence even mean?

Tourneys have been more and more popular with larger and larger attendance over most of the US ever since the release of SF4. It does vary from region to region, of course.