Not exactly sure where to put this but how many people even show up to these things? 50, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 or if its treated like some sport possibly 5000 or something, anyhow just wondering seeing how it tends to be the same people winning each time I would figure being less then 50. A short and simple answer will due.

It all depends on what the event is going to be. If it’s ranbats, maybe not so many. If it’s a major, expect well over a hundred.

Last year evo had over 800 sf4 players show up. Food for thought.

evo had over 1000 for sf4 i think…

anyway the same people always win because they are the best players and these games arent particularly random

Pre-SF4 it was usually 70-160 per game depending on the game (GG, 3s, T5DR, SC4, MvC2) excluding Smash which seems to be able to draw large amounts of people to any tournament and people who entered multiple tournaments. So I’d say a couple hundred for a major.

EVO2k9 had the cap reached I thought which was 1040 SF4 players.

Even with the new players, we’re still behind say… Madden, Halo, and Smash tournaments in terms of attendance. However, it is significantly larger than it used to be.

Usually (I think?) the tournaments are seeded to the most “winningest” players get seeded against the most unknowns. There’s been multiple discussions on this in the past, especially because of Devastation 2009 when the brackets had top players playing each other very early in the tournament. That’s about the gist of how it’s handled.

Before sf4 there were no tournaments as the fighting game scene was dead. Then when Ono brought fighters back with his materpiece ‘streetfighter 4’ the attendance at tournaments has been between 1000-180000 (modal gross average)