TournamentWars Final @ Bloody Knuckles - 02/28/10

Let the games begin people.

I have locked in a venue every saturday night (thanks to josh and jacob for this.). As soon as I get the address from them I will post it up here. But it will be @ their job (Best Western I believe?) In Downtown Seattle.

It’s going to take place at the Best Western Executive Inn 200 Taylor Avenue N, Seattle WA (WARNING: It’s not the Best Western that is across the street from the Pink Elephant Car Wash) It’s on the corner of Taylor and John.

With that said, they are hosting our event free of charge, but to keep this thing afloat they’ll need to see $$ come in. I personally think with the other barfight things going on it’ll be easy for them to see that they’ll be making some $$ off of us.

hype hype hype

FATI vs FC? I wanna come watch!

After the PnT tourney last night I am so hype for this shit to start. It’s gonna be mos pimp.

Frank- I plan on showing up every week, whether I’m playing or not, and will bring my camera to record as many matches as I can.

and I agree- HYPE HYPE HYPE !!!

I’m not trying to look like an asshole here but…who are you cause the name is familiar but that’s all I’m getting?

No worries, I don’t post much :). I’m Mac, play Honda, Team Salt.

Oh ok, you’re the guy I played in casuals for nwm’s. The most intense casual game ever lol. And you’re the guy with the flip camera, and plays cross handed (it’s funny cause after I saw your name again everything clicked).

I remember that match feeling like the first round of this one. lol


i’ll show up to watch.
Frank: what time are you going to start the tournament?

they were saying for ppl under 21 we could hook up a console to the 50in tv in the restaurant…baller shit nigga cuz that tv is less than a month old lol

200 Taylor Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109-5016
(206) 448-9444

behind the mcdonalds by seattle center.

plenty of street parking which i believe is free after 6, maybe we can work something out so you guys can park in the garage

Matches are hopefully going to start @ 10:30pm. Expect the first few of these to start later because it’ll be a first run.

No sleepin on the big Mac.

Mac! I never see you post!

bumpity bump…to the teams that are playing… just a reminder.

My work schedule should be changing in the next month or so to Sun-Wed instead of Wed-Sat, so it won’t even conflict with tourney wars, or GW thursdays, or Preppy’s (if that ever becomes regular again). I’m psyched.

Ok so I have 2 venues now here’s the breakdown:

Best Western in Seattle:

Available: Sat starting @ 10:30pm till whenever

Pros: more room for spectating, food and drinks available.

Cons: it is a bar so +21 (working on seeing if we can bypass that somehow). Venue wants to see that $ is coming in so there’s a 2 drink min. (Owner said there’s a possibility of a special for us waiting on him to call me back).

The Afrodojo in Kirkland:

Available: sunday’s @ 3pm

Pros: not @ 10:30pm, Cole’s cabinet. It’s free so no money needs to be spent.

Cons: less spectators due to space. It’ll be in the garage so come winter time it could get cold. Also it’s not a public venue so noise and what not needs to be @ a minimum…

Keep in mind that I am still going to talk to Play N Trade about hosting for us too. I just need to actually get the time to go up there and talk with them (work and as most know personal issues have been keeping me on lockdown).

I need to know which days are best for people. Please keep in mind that while Sunday might be the best for some, I know of people that can’t do it on Sunday (jared and Mickey), so with that if you play those teams it’s gonna have to be on a saturday. Also if your match seems like it’s gonna pull a crowd (FATI vs Focus, team boss vs reset demon?!, etc etv) I’m going to try to push your matches for saturday. With that said, here’s what round 1 week 1 is going to look like:

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Saturday Oct. 10th @ Best Western:

Final Atomic Tiger Inferno vs Focus Cancellious

The Untechables vs. Stretch Armstrong

Sexually Transmitted Dragonpunch vs Team Jurassic

The Grandmasters vs. The Starvengers

Good luck to everyone, and expect Round 1 Week 2’s schedule to be posted on Monday.

What are drink prices like at the Best Western? Is it going to cost us like 20$/night just to be there? I seey ou talking about a special you haven’t heard of, just curious what it’s at right now.

Josh mentioned 6 a drink…but don’t quote me on that. I’m in the process of trying to work something out with Ian (the manager).

After much debate, ALL Tournament Wars matches will be held at the Best Western on Saturday Night. So to Grandmasters, Starvengers, Team Jurassic, and Sexually Transmitted Dragonpunch you have been moved to Saturday instead of Sunday.

Also please note: If you can’t make it to one of your matches YOU NEED TO GET A HOLD OF ME ASAP SO I CAN RESCHEDULE YOU. If you do not get in contact with me and do not show up on the day you’re supposed to play, your team is going to have to run w/o you. No if, ands, or buts about it. I’ll have printed schedules available for each person at Zach’s and at Round 1 Week 1 of Tournament Wars.

Also Tekken 6 might be added as a mid season game. This is because of the fact that SSFIV seems to be having a release in spring. And I’m going to assume that EVERYONE would want to wait on Season 2 until after that game was out (depending on release date).

Hey, I sent Dave a message a few days ago but he hasn’t responded, anyway the message was:

Hey Dave. I feel really bad about this but I have to be honest with myself and say that I’m going to have to drop out of tournament wars. I absolutely want to participate and I don’t want to let you or Dan down but I live in Puyallup and I don’t have a car. I could probably make it TO the gatherings but going somewhere I have no plan to get home from is just too irresponsible of me. And really I would hate to disappoint more by not showing up to each of our matches. I am also sorry for giving you such short notice but I have been mulling it around in my head for a while cus I really want to participate, so please forgive my selfishness. Frank mentioned there were others looking to participate, so please look into that.

tl;dr I’m going to have to drop out. Really sorry Frank about the short notice, I tried messaging you a few days ago but you didn’t reply but I prolly should have tried harder >.<